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Books by Merabeth James

Author Merabeth James

Skye - in the beginning (Skye Wilder Series Book 1)
Everyone wondered who she was and where she came from when Jake and his grandfather, Martin Tall Bear, brought the little girl to the sheriff's office in the tiny Appalachian town called Relief. She had been found sitting on a rock in the middle of a river way up in high country. Clearly in shock, she was unable to answer their questions as she stared vacantly ahead and hummed a tune that seemed [...]

Luc and the Ghosts of Never Was (A Ravynne Sisters Paranormal Thriller Book 13)
It was dark early that time of year. An unforeseen winter storm had swept in from the west and the early sleet had turned to ice on the mountain road the Ravynne sisters were taking home from the airport. Visibility was next to none, and an anxious Charlie was hoping to find a place to pull over and wait out the storm, when oncoming headlights swept around the curve just ahead. It was a logging [...]

The Soul Hunter (A Ravynne Sisters Paranormal Thriller Book 12)
Most would say that the Ravynne sisters have led a charmed life always managing to escape intact from one horrific adventure after evil entity after another. Fiercely loyal to each other, they have battled back the darkness no matter what form it took, but what would happen if they discovered that the darkness was a seed each carried? A suspicious letter from their brother, Allyn, [...]

Blood Moon Rising (A Ravynne Sisters Paranormal Thriller Book 11)
Another contest. Another lucky win or does Fate have other plans for the Ravynne sisters? Is she pulling their plug or pulling their strings in a macabre dance of death? Tick Tock. The blood moon is rising and neither sister is aware that their time may be running out as they head to Lighthouse Pointe Resort in sunny California for Meg's all expense paid vacation. It is to be the grand re-opening [...]

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