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Books by Maria Yeager

Author Maria Yeager

Adenomyosis - A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder
What is adenomyosis?? A lot of people will ask that question when they see the title of this book, and that is the reason it was written. I personally lived with this uterine disorder for seventeen years before I finally received a correct diagnosis after my hysterectomy. Adenomyosis is a disorder of the uterus that causes very heavy menstrual bleeding, painful abdominal cramping (comparable to [...]

Inspiring Through Experience - A Compilation of Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Christian Blogs
For this book, author MariaYeager has compiled inspirational and thought-provoking stories from her onlineblog, Inspiring Through Experience. From miracles at the time of death to signs from God during times of despair, Maria hopes that the inspirational stories will bring hope and comfort in knowing that God is always by our side, especially during our trials in this life. Thought-provoking [...]

Blinded By Deception - Life With a Narcissist
Follow along with Nikki as she struggles to deal with a narcissistic family for twenty eight years. Her confusion early on led to a deep clarity about herself and her family after she learned all about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. With the help of family and friends, she found the support she needed to get through a deep valley in her life. Both group and individual counseling helped to [...]

My Hormones Are Killing Me - Living with Adenomyosis and Estrogen Dominance
When it comes to disorders of the female reproductive tract, most people have heard of endometriosis, and most know of someone who has suffered from this disorder. However, adenomyosis is a closely related condition, yet very few people are aware of it. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness to this little-known disorder of the uterus by telling my own story of my 17-year medical struggle [...]

Maria's Mixes - A How-To Guide On Making Your Own Herbal Teas
Maria's Mixes gives you all the information you need to make gourmet herbal teas in the privacy of your own home and at very low cost. This book contains detailed descriptions of each herb used in each recipe, plus recommended suppliers of tea products. Also included are famous herbal tea recipes from Maria's Mixes, LLC, as well as little secrets that will help you make these tasty teas easily. [...]

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