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Books by Diane Lefer

Author Diane Lefer

Nobody Wakes Up Pretty
New York City, 1992. For Holly, it's the summer when the city she's lived in all her life changes past recognition. And the funerals are about to begin. "Let's get this out of the way," she says. "I'm a white woman who likes black men." That includes her lover Samps. Once a young artist of promise, he's now homeless, living in a Harlem squat, and maybe, Holly fears, clinically insane. But that [...]

California Transit - Stories
"From the world that could not be saved, the storyteller salvages small, strange stuff and assembles it into a narrative of alarming beauty and mystery and sadness." from the introduction by Carole Maso Southern California: land of dislocation and assimilation, a place Diane Lefer knows well. In California Transit, she uses conversational prose and macabre wit to zero-in on a Mexican woman [...]

The Fiery Alphabet
It's dangerous for a girl to be a mathematical prodigy in eighteenth-century Rome. Daniela Messo and her father withdraw from the world, but Giuseppe Balsamo arrives with his occult magic and the claim that Daniela has inherited the secrets of a long-dead Jewish mystic. Posing as wonder-working pilgrims, they swindle their way across Europe, ever further east, en route perhaps to Jerusalem or to [...]

The Blessing Next to the Wound - A Story of Art, Activism, and Transformation
Hector Aristizabal grew up in the barrios of Medellin, Colombia, where he and his siblings had to use all their wit, wiles, and wherewithal to survive poverty, the ever-present allure of cheap drugs and very dangerous money, and the endemic violence from leftwing guerrillas, rightwing death squads, cocaine cartels, and the armed power of the State. As a young actor and psychology student, Hector [...]

Radiant Hunger
I was always fascinated by the children who grew up on the ranch with Charles Manson. Unlike their mothers, they didn't choose to be there. And I thought they probably had delicious childhoods, running free, unaware of the ugliness and violence. Then one day, they're taken away either to foster care or are adopted by normal middle class people. What a transition that had to be. So I started [...]

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