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Books by Malcom Massey

Author Malcom Massey

The Lost Library of Alexandria (The Martin Culver Series Book 6)
When the trail of evidence summons the International Antiquities Foundation to the Middle East, Martin Culver faces his most crucial challenge: To stand down as his colleagues are picked off one by one, or to fan the flames as world tension as world tensions flare. While the secrets of the Library of Alexandria threaten to revive Ancient Babylon, a vengeful tyrant has built a sinister army, [...]

The Sword of Stonehenge (The Martin Culver Series Book 5)
All paths lead to London when an ancient sword of mysterious origin is discovered beneath Stonehenge. Legends come to life and history is re-written as the International Antiquities Foundation, formed to protect archaeological treasures world-wide, goes into action. An artifact smuggling operation is unearthed based in the Middle East, a network that converts smuggling profits into high-tech [...]

The Golden Treasure of Panama (The Martin Culver Series)
Working with CIA Director Carter Hall for the first time, Martin Culver stumbles onto a Costa Rican smuggling operation . The tentacles of this organization run deeper than any Culver has ever encountered, with branches in every part of the world, moving archaeological treasures and stolen weapons on the international black market with one goal: to fund and facilitate global war. When clues lead [...]

Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin (The Martin Culver Series)
When three American fishermen disappear along the North Carolina coast, their sportfishing yacht is found blown to pieces. While family and friends try to determine what happened, the CIA keeps the details a secret, yet they intensely search for answers themselves. Why are Russian and Cuban military officials meeting near Bermuda? How does Chechnya's fight for independence threaten the security [...]

The Lost Calendar of the Maya - The Return of Kukulkan (The Martin Culver Series)
Storm clouds gather across the mysterious land of the Maya. Beneath the ruins of Chichen-Itza lie unrevealed Mayan artifacts that promise profit and power to those bold enough to acquire them. Ominous events in the skies threaten Martin Culver's team of archaeologists and astronomers as ancient enemies square off against each other on the ground. Old friendships and new alliances strain under the [...]

The Lost Ark of the Incas (The Martin Culver Series)
The most valuable and sacred gold object in Peru's history - the Lost Ark of the Incas - has been missing for 500 years. Fresh clues to its location have surfaced, but can the information be trusted? Will the Ark finally be found, and will the Ark's legendary power be explained? Or will the Lost Ark fall victim to relic thieves on the international black market? Follow Martin Culver, [...]

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