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Author Benjamin Granger

Truggle - The Lesser Bear
"In a small wooded lot a busy woman stumbles upon a strange doll the neighbors possibly left. She attempts to reveal who brought the toy to her home, but she uncovers no real leads. Then when a letter turns up asking her to give the doll away as soon as possible, she ends up on the edge of reason as the doll is in the midst of being reclaimed by someone. The doll although small and cuddly [...]

The Shattering
A collection of horror and suspense tales, filled with terrifying surprises, and shocking twists. Contains seven stories of horror and mystery that delve into the deepest recesses of the human mind, and fear. The Shattering Crystal contains stories ranging from ghosts, to the paranormal visions of the supernatural, sure to scare even the bravest of readers. The Shattering Crystal is a wonderful [...]

Twisted Image II
Tales of fright and suspense are waiting in this sequel to Twisted Image. This edition contains eight scary tales that delve into the paranormal and the unknown. Continuing on the original version this one contains three cover stories and three originals from Feartre of the Mind. Be prepared to be frightened beyond belief in this new addition. The bizarre tales featured in this series are Answer [...]

Living Abyss
Living Abyss is a collection of stories by author Benjamin Granger. It includes the novel Roses of the Dreamer, Alpha 13 (Mars Uncharted), and The Shattering Crystal. There are three books in this compilation. Roses of the Dreamer is a story about two people who find a secret book that may open the gateway to time travel, but must keep it out of the wrong hands. Alpha 13 is about space explorers [...]

Feartre of the Mind
"Four new tales of shocking horror. Stories of the supernatural and the unknown come together in this collection. New chills and surprises wait in this terrifying collection of horror tales. This chilling collection contains four stories, Aberration, Message Me, The Closet, and Soundwaves. Also includes one cover story, Answer Me, and two originals from Twisted Image. 1. Aberration- A man [...]

Excellent Study Methods and Concepts
Welcome to the book, Excellent Study Methods and Concepts, where I discuss effective methods, tools, concepts, and habits so you can do well on tests, and overall courses. I discuss topics such as what to do when you need extra help, where and what tools are available to you, and also helpful everyday habits and methods that can lead to a significant improvement in your grade. In order to make a [...]

Roses of the Dreamer
Two people who are at a library in Stapleton, CA discover an ancient book that they believe may have been written by Leonardo DaVinci. When they read through the book, they realize that it may actually hold the secret to time travel. When they discover that the book may hold the secret to time travel, they decide they must keep it out of the wrong hands. When they realize it also holds a secret [...]

Twisted Image
This is a collection of frightening and chilling tales of suspense and fright. Continuing up on The Shattering Crystal, this is a collection of horror and suspense tales of evil, the unknown, and the supernatural. Five spine tingling tales pulse pounding tales of twisted and off kilter horror that are sure to leave you scared to turn off the lights and remember to enjoy the daylight. It contains [...]

A Healthy Way to Lose Weight
A comprehensive guide on how to lose weight, without starving yourself, our using unhealthy methods. The books tells you what foods you should eat, when you should eat them, what exercises you should do, and it is all based on the plan that I used to lose weight, I went from 175 pounds to 145 pounds in 8 months, using this healthy dieting plan. A new six pack abs guide has now been added to this [...]

Alpha 13 (Mars Uncharted)
Star Fox 108 is on a mission to investigate missing slaves. These slaves work at the main extraction facility on Mars. Can aliens have possibly taken them? Captain Stevens of Star Fox 108 believes there are no aliens on Mars. But if there aren't, then who or what is responsible for the disappearances? As Star Fox 108 nears a landing on Mars' surface, the crew experiences technical problems. They [...]

I, Bear
Do you know the bear that always appears on television when there's a forest fire, Smokey, that's his name. Well, the story becomes more than a cartoon, when two guys who commit arson actually get to meet Smokey in person. But, when the two finally see this bear in person they apparently can't find it after the scary attack they encountered in the woods. But, they soon realize this bear is more [...]

The Clovers and the Sun
Author Benjamin Granger presents his first poetic collection: Evocative, pristine, deeply emotional in a way of awe-inspiring serenity, this 66-page collection contains paragraphs of thoughts ranging from simple statements to complex ramifications into the realm of that which can only be felt.

Network Twilight
"Laura Rotman was living the perfect life. She had money, a great fiance, and a good job. But soon, all that changes when she starts getting a mysterious call from an unknown person. She doesn't know who the caller is, where it's coming from, or if the person's even alive. But, through clues, she discovers a mystery deeper and scarier then she could ever imagine. Will she find who the culprit is [...]

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