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Books by G.E. Graves

Author G.E. Graves

Contemplations - Love Poems
Contemplations - Romantic poetry Contemplations, the second book in a series of free form verse, display a moment of force through expression that presses boundaries. Unlike poetry, which is often smooth and flowing, emotions are powerfully turbulent. Often, when thoughts and desires are expressed in words they vanish through editing. This in itself is the point of Contemplations, to show raw [...]

Reflections - Love Poems
Reflections - Dissonance poetry Living is reaching deeply inside. Taking hold and riding the torrent to its extraordinary end. Life is seldom unsoiled. Beneath its smooth coating lies what we all possess. Poetry is often very primal - capturing a moment of released emotion. Words can have power - even if they are not understood. Reflections display a power within verse that often cannot be [...]

I have always found it difficult talking about myself, yet even so I'm going to attempt precisely that. With the four seasons of Minnesota cycling every year, I have come to discover a relationship between that and our own cycles. In my writings one may see many references to this, and I believe it's due strictly to my environment. I have found poetry the perfect medium for self analysis and I've [...]

Squeaky Tails Crusaders of Golanthia - Interlude One Webs of Discovery
ILLUSTRATED PAPERBACK EDITION: Those unknown forces reinstate. Golanthia begins to thunder! Does one run from that which they fear? What is survival if one does not survive whole? Trials shape us all: For good-For bad-Forever! The squeaky old house is no barrier when it comes to the wilderness. The savage and refined have clashed since the dawn of time. Shocked and yet thrilled, The Duchess, for [...]

Here within resides a collection of unique and soul searching poetry that captures the imagination and heart longing love and denial. Each verse is as a time capsule into a moment of contemplation that reaches deep within with compelling feeling. The Author, G.E. Graves has taken a selection of poems from over 30 years and combined them together for this collection.

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