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Books by Jeen van der Meer

Author Jeen van der Meer

Dog Stories - The Adventures of Jimmy and Floppy - A Super Kid and His Super Dog
The Adventures of Jimmy and Floppy: A Super Kid and His Super Dog Jimmy on the way home from school discovers a mysterious box under a tree. He has a surprise when he opens the box to find a cute puppy inside. What is he going to do? Will his parents let him keep this lovely puppy? Should he hide the puppy from his family? Find out how the two become best friends, and read about all their [...]

How to Cheese Cake - 20 Mouth Watering Recipes
How to Cheese Cake This 20 Delicious Cheesecake Recipes book gives you a wide variety of this decadent, delicious dessert. Each recipe is easy to follow and quick to prepare. Of course, cheesecake creations do take several hours to even an overnight to finish, so make sure you prepare the recipe in enough time to allow for proper chilling in the refrigerator. Ideally, a perfect cheesecake will [...]

Critical Reviews of Top Rated Coffee Makers
Critical Reviews of Top Rated Coffee Makers. Are those expensive brewing machines really worth the money or not? You can't always trust what a salesman is going to tell you. Advertisers make money by figuring out how to gloss over the less impressive features of coffee makers. Even your friends may not tell you the 'real scoop' about that overpriced coffee machine they bought. These reviews will [...]

Homemade Iced Tea Recipebook - 20 Easy Delicious Recipes
Enjoy over 30 iced tea recipes. Also in this book is a brief history of the discovery of tea, which is really an interesting story. Read about the Chinese emperor who discovered a hot brewed cup of tea quite by accident almost 5000 years ago. Tea slowly made its way around the world over the years, first as a medicinal cure, then as a wealthy status symbol served only by the rich. Tea shaped the [...]

Chicken and Rice Cookbook - 20 Healthy Dishes (Jeen's favorite rice recipes)
Chicken and Rice Cookbook - 20 Healthy Dishes - While chicken and rice can be monotonous if you cook them incorrectly, this collection of recipes is anything but boring. It utilizes ingredients and cooking techniques from all over the world to produce a rich and interested series of meals based around these basic staples. You may be surprised by how interesting simple chicken and rice can become. [...]

What is Amazon Prime? The Complete Guide to the Amazon Prime Membership
Amazon Prime Customer Service phone number 1-844-425-4333 Amazon Prime Membership Cancel and Refund. You can reach our amazon customer service department at +1.844.425.4333 to use our automated customer s.u.p.p.o.r.t system for Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Photos instant solutions. What is Amazon Prime: The Complete Guide to Amazon Prime - Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime, what [...]

Healthy Muffin Recipes 20 Sweet and Savory Muffin Recipes
Healthy Muffin Recipes This cookbook is intended as a healthy alternative with healthy ingredients like whole grain flour, oats and less sugar. This book proves that healthy and delicious can go together. Included are both the savory muffins with cheese, carrots, poppy seeds and zucchini. But also muffins made with strawberries, raisins or blueberries. All with a reduced amount of sugar. These [...]

What is Stevia? - Benefits, Side Effects, Growing Stevia, Recipes with Stevia
What is Stevia? Because stevia has become so popular, there are a lot of questions concerning stevia. Stevia is 100% natural therefore it has no additives. In this book I try to give an answer to all those questions asked when it comes to stevia. Questions like: "Can I use stevia to lose weight? "What are the benefits of stevia?" "What are the side effects?" "Can diabetics use stevia?" "How can I [...]

Cool Coffee Creamer Secrets - 20 Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes
Cool Coffee Creamer Secrets - 20 Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes As you flip through Cool Coffee Creamer Recipes, you will discover some of the most popular and most enjoyed recipes from around the world. You will discover some of the most popular flavored coffee creamer recipes contained in this book. You will learn how to create these popular flavors by simply utilizing items that you likely [...]

Is Coffee Good For You? Discover the powerful health benefits of coffee
Is Coffee Good for You - Discover the Powerful Health Benefits of Coffee While it is true that individuals enjoy coffee due to its great taste and the social based interactions that surrounds its use, researchers in the medical field are now starting to identify the fact that coffee has the potential to benefit the health in numerous ways. In this book, you will learn how coffee assists migraine [...]

How To Make Iced Coffee - 20 Best Iced Coffee Recipes
How To Make Iced Coffee will show you that iced coffee recipes aren't just delicious, they're REALLY EASY to make, as well. ***NOW EVEN CHEAPER! How To Make Iced Coffee will tell you how to make the best iced coffee you have ever had. And they are all so easy to make, these mouth-watering cold drinks. We have collected 20 of the most popular and best recipes. There is something for every taste [...]

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