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Books by Alan James Garner

The Long and Short Adventures of Eamon Birdsley
This book, aimed at younger readers, is a fanciful imagining of my own cherished boyhood. Based loosely on my experiences growing up several decades ago in Hastings, New Zealand, when the world seemed a simpler place, facts are interspersed with fantasy in a breathless romp which propels the reader to a bygone era, when books were printed on paper, cordless phones were science fiction and cars [...]

Wizard's Goal (Terrath)
Kidnapped as an infant and raised in the East by a retired soldier, a bewildered youth becomes embroiled in the affairs of wizards with the appearance of a strange benefactor after his foster father is brutally murdered. Cajoled by the mysterious Maldoch into accompanying him on a madcap jaunt to secure peace before Terrath is plunged into a devastating race war, Garrich finds himself the [...]

Three Times Chosen
The future is flooded, the fall of human civilisation partnering the risen sea level. Taking to the oceans to survive, a bio-engineered remnant of Man lives a primitive, yet harmonious, life undersea in the tropics. But the Cetari are not alone in staking a claim to sapience on drowned Planet Earth. Challenging them is the numerically superior Piawro, a race of humanoidal amphibians jealous of [...]

Chosen One
Always fascinated by prehistoric and extraterrestrial life, I decided to combine the two interests in my debut novel and so was born The Chosen One. The story covers the final days of a disparate group of North American dinosaurs before the extinction event that gives the rat-sized mammals a huge step up the evolutionary ladder occurs. Throw a mysterious offworld visitor into the mix and the [...]

Chosen Too
Chosen Too stemmed from my lifelong interest in human evolution, so it seemed a natural progression to write the story as a sequel to The Chosen One. Only now the setting has shifted from prehistoric America to prehistoric Africa where the mammalian descendants of Bronte have evolved into the man-apes standing on the brink of humanity. And, weirdly enough, my love of cats manifests as the mortal [...]

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