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Books by Magnus Hansen

Author Magnus Hansen

Shadow of the Werewolf
One thousand years ago, in the dark forests of Scandinavia, an ancient evil awakens. 950AD: The Viking Age. Travelers come from the far corners of the known world to reach Birka - a town of industry. From the fisheries, copper mines, and lumber yards, men come to make their fortunes. Dangerous men. But there is something in the forest; watching. As industry spreads further into the dark wood, [...]

Vision of the Viking (V for Viking Saga Book 4)
979AD - The Viking Age: A Norse seeress is blamed for the misfortunes of a small, superstitious village. She is violently banished - left to die in the woods. With her skill in herbalism and foresight, she attempts to survive in the dangerous wilderness. Carefully making her way to the coast, she stumbles upon a seaside town that is in desperate need of her skills. Vision of the Viking is a [...]

Valley of the Viking (V for Viking Saga Book 3)
A sleepy fishing town on the coast of Norway, 979AD. The town is populated with 800 peaceful farmers and fishermen, builders and tradesmen. Disaster strikes: Thousands of Germanic barbarians lie just beyond the valley, waiting to descend upon the helpless villagers. King Viggo is a capable commander, but he has never fought a war on this scale. He must use every trick , every tactic, and every [...]

Valor of the Viking (V for Viking Saga Book 2)
977AD - A skald (Viking musician), travels between Norway and Iceland to find fame and fortune. Unfortunately, he finds only hardship and despair. To make ends meet, he accepts a dangerous contract from the criminal underground. With his luck going from bad to worse, the skald is captured and thrown into a prison cell with the man he was commissioned to kill. The man - a Germanic barbarian who [...]

Vengeance of the Viking (V for Viking Saga Book 1)
Across the snowy mountains of ancient Norway, a man runs for his freedom. He is snow-blinded, starving, and stalked - by his hated enemy! Once he returns to his village on the Southwest coast of Norway, Torleif soon finds out that his enslavement was part of a conspiracy. He questions the odd and superstitious people of his village. Some are happy to see him, others are not. But each member of [...]

3 Mad Monks
A Buddhist monk and two Catholic monks go on a thrilling road trip across the American Midwest. '3 Mad Monks' is an exciting yet thoughtful story about emotional conflict, high adventure, and dark comedy. Father Miller is a cantankerous old monk who resides at Saint John's Abbey. In a series of mishaps and bad luck, he is locked up in jail. Luckily, Brother Gary bails him out. In a few months, [...]

Angel of the Apocalypse
Angel of the Apocalypse is the story of the Rapture and Tribulation, as told by two opposing viewpoints: 1. A pastor in Colorado 2. The Antichrist A terrible disease descends upon the world, decimating millions of people. No one knows where the disease originated from, until a pale man in a pinstripe suit appears on the news. The man explains that the Tribulation has started, and God will wipe [...]

Rickety Bones
Rickety Bones is a series of 10 loosely connected short stories. The main character is Riktus - a mortitian who finds the meaning of life through death. But this knowledge is too much for him to cope with - he slowly descends into madness. After spending a few years in a mental asylum, he decides to write a book on philosophy, detailing his unusual outlook on life...

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