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Books by Raymond Boyd Dunn

Author Raymond Boyd Dunn

Lord of the Manor in Australia
It is the story of one man's obsession to create a dynasty, and his determination to build a monument to his memory. It follows the tenuous line of succession, from the time of the Gympie gold rush, through two World Wars and world-wide depressions, into the twenty-first century, as each generation awaits the birth of a male heir who will become the next 'Lord of the Castle'.

Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye...Wayne's Daughter
Max is distracted in his attempt to find out what has happened to the daughter of an old friend. The cause of his distraction? - Georgina! But Max is nothing, if not a dedicated super sleuth, and balances his love life, and his search for his friend's daughter, at the cost of his love for running.

Millie and the Bushranger
Millie detests her present lonely life, way out in the Australian bush. Her only escape is in the pages of romantic novels where she becomes the heroine in the arms of the handsome hero. The appearance of a dashing young bushranger gives her hope of a better, more exciting life to come.

Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye. Murder In Maroochydore.
Max is accused of a hit and run accident, which is now considered to be a murder. The beautiful Danielle de Montfort, an Insurance Investigator, is supposedly helping, but is at odds with him. He is protecting a client, whilst she wants his client to be guilty.

Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye - The Case of the Missing Heiress
The Case of the Missing Heiress is the first of two books (to date) in the "Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye" series. Max, (or Phil, which is an obvious nick-name for him) is a mild-mannered Private Investigator on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who keeps in shape by regular attendance at the Gym, and long distance running. An heiress is reported as kidnapped, and it is Max's job to find her in [...]

The First Born Sons
Following the lives of the first born sons of the Rickards family during the whole of the Twentieth Century- from the original Billy Rickards to his present day namesake. Is there a Marriage Certificate missing from the family tree? It is an off shoot from the Pearson/Rickards Trilogy

The Twelfth Man
This book is about the sport of Cricket - in particular Schoolboy cricket. It is not an autobiography, but it is based on my experiences at a boarding school for boys in Rockhampton, Queensland. It was written originally for my grandson, and I believe it is suitable reading for any aspiring young cricketer, showing how determination and perseverance can attain the ultimate goal. It takes place [...]

Once upon a Time on the Ghan
This book has a tenuous connection with the three novels of the Pearson/Rickards trilogy, in that it features a sixth generation of the Rickards family, Billy Rickards. Billy is travelling from Toowoomba in Queensland to Darwin in the Northern Territory - the long way. He travels by bus east to Brisbane, by plane south to Sydney in New South Wales, and thence by rail west to Adelaide in South [...]

Carly and Sam ... Will and Effie (The Pearson/Rickards Trilogy)
The third book of the trilogy. There's a surprising development in the relationship between Carly and Sam. Tennis 'Romeo' Jason gets his just desserts. Will goes off to war in South Africa. You will follow four of the main characters from the second book of the Trilogy as they negotiate their way through the good and bad periods of life's journey - and its dangers!

An Australian Ranch (The Pearson/Rickards Trilogy)
Second Book of a Trilogy. American Colt Pearson is establishing a 'Ranch' in Australia. Sister-in law Caroline is a tormented soul, because of a horrendous experience in her teenage years. She leaves a trail of slain men in her wake as you follow her tortured progress. You can only imagine the loathing which drives her. Colt's young daughter, Carly, has youthful Sam 'twisted around her little [...]

Palmer Gold (The Pearson/Rickards Trilogy)
First Book of a Trilogy. Billy is obsessed with the beautiful Beth, but does she reciprocate? What is Goldie's dark secret? Why do two women endure the hardships of the goldfields after surviving the terrifying attack by the cannibalistic natives? Action, adventure and romance in 'Chasing the Rainbow' - the search for the elusive yellow metal in an historically accurate portrayal of a group of [...]

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