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Books by J.C. Cummings

Author J.C. Cummings

Trump's Island - A Gilligan's Island Parody for Adults Only
Just sit right back and you'll squeeze a tail The year is 1969. The place: somewhere far out to sea in the Pacific. Following a wild and sexy mishap aboard the Trump family yacht, 23-year-old Donald Trump now finds himself stranded on an uncharted tropical island which just happens to be inhabited by seven stranded castaways who would like nothing more than for him to get stranded elsewhere. But [...]

My Very Naughty Handyman (Naughty Men at Work Book 3)
When Allie Bateman goes after a man, she goes after him! So, when she realizes that her condo is in need of major upkeep she hires handyman Rick Preston. And Rick is one hot guy. Allie wants him and she wants him bad. She begins a stealthful campaign of enticing him while he works -- any way she can. But Rick is also one very-focused-on-work guy. No matter what Allie offers... he ain't biting. [...]

My Very Naughty Therapist (Naughty Men at Work Book 2)
Touch-starved Maggie Ryan has spent her life rubbing her hungry body against anything and everyone she can in order to get her next fix -- and this has led to some unpleasant consequences. But when she comes to Dr. Joel Monroe for treatment, the ever-loving, gorgeous therapist decides to take matters into his own hands in more ways than one! Maggie Ryan is about to get "felt-up" like never, ever [...]

My Very Naughty Doctor (Naughty Men at Work Book 6)
Susan hates going to the doctor... with a passion. She hates being made to undress and spread her legs for a man so that he can feel her most intimate recesses. She finds it humiliating, degrading, and dehumanizing. She can't stand the feeling of a man having so much power and domination over her. So when she needs a complete physical exam for an important new job, she arrives at the appointment [...]

My Very Naughty Piano Teacher (Naughty Men at Work Book 1)
WARNING: This 9000-word story contains bare-bottom spanking and sex with a beautiful female piano student and her lovable, though titillatingly sex-starved teacher. It is intended for mature readers 18+ only! This is Book 1 in my "Naughty Men at Work" series: six short erotic of hot and not-so-ethical men who use their professional status and positions of authority in order to have their way with [...]

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