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Books by Serena Simpson

Crave - MMF Paranormal Romance (Alien Protectors Book 1)
The author name has changed; the book has remained the same. Cole was hunting a suspect who not only killed his victims; he ate them. It took an alien to hunt an alien, and he was the right male for the job. He didn't have time to concentrate on anything else; then Noah was assigned as his partner. Noah didn't do partners. The military drilled that into his head with the disloyalty and the [...]

Enzo (The Wolves Den Book 1)
Could they hospitalize her because of the voices in her head? Every day they grew louder, and she grew more concerned. If that wasn't enough, she needed a job and a place to live pronto. None of that seemed to be happening fast enough to keep her off the street. Enzo crashed to earth with his battalion four hundred years ago; now his life was avoiding the government and taking care of his people. [...]

Mick (The A'rouk Brothers Book 1)
Jaz was a clone her destiny was to die. Mick was an A'rouk his destiny was to be alone. Dying didn't bother Jaz. She was created with the knowledge that her life was limited, subject to the will of man. That changed the day she saw Mick. Death was no longer a given; she would do whatever it took to live one more day with him. Mick was born under a curse. The minute he laid his eyes on his mate, [...]

Gabe's Destiny (Alien Mates Book Three)
Gabe was considered lucky when his twin was captured by - their twisted enemy and he was left behind. No one knew how close the twin bond - was and that Gabe shared his brother's suffering. Now that his twin has found - his soul-bond, Gabe's ready for the pain to stop. A madman is stalking Taya, threatening her at every turn. She's determined to - save her life and the lives of those she holds [...]

Rylan's Heart (Alien Mates Book Two)
After enduring years of abuse from the vicious Sudir, Rylan is an empty shell of his former self. He has blocked his bothers and others of his kind from being able to touch his minds or the powerful abilities that reside within. Each day the mental link to what keeps him whole grows thinner. Aviana's perfectly average life is turned upside down when the Sudir target her daughter. Fighting to save [...]

Ash - Love Me Harder
Ash lost his mate a lifetime ago. Ever since he's been going through the motion of living a life. He raised an adopted daughter, spent time with his brothers and their mates. His strength to go is running out, and all he has is blind faith that he will be reunited with his mate. Brook has been in Cryo for three hundred years, wanting the one person she can't have until she wakes up. Now she's all [...]

Alexei - Love Me Harder
Alexei grew up a Hybrid a mix between his human mother and created father looking for a space to be himself, when ships appeared over the city signaling the start of a war that was predicted when he was a child. He has no desire to fight all he wants to do is find a way to get closer to Amber--the one person he can't have. Amber grew up calling Alexei cousin because she was unofficially adopted [...]

Soul-Bonded to the Alien (Alien Mates book one)
Calix was the enforcer for his king. They came to earth years ago as children and learned to blend in with society. When he was called to California to help find the missing mate of an Arbrin he went, never suspecting he would find his own mate. Paige spent her life keeping her secrets close to her chest. Loneliness became a way of life for her. She never dreamed one look at a man in an alley [...]

Hale - Love Me Harder
Tori spent years working on her dream, to own her own business planning weddings. Within a few months her dream was dead. No matter how many times she told herself life was great she knew she was being stalked. It was only a matter of time before she went missing if she didn't get out of town. Plans made, she just needed one more wedding before she could leave, then she met Hale. Hale was [...]

Nicolas - Love me Harder
Nicolas was the healer in his family. He stood strong and silent on the edge of the action - waiting to help when needed. No one saw the hole in his heart that was slowly eating him alive. Nicolas yearned to be needed for more than his skill. Janis was considered an outsider all of her life. A simple touch could burn her to the point of severe pain. She had learned to live in the shadows, to [...]

Sergey - Love Me Harder
On the world Sergey came from everything happened in birth order, as the second born he had been skipped and there would be no mate for him. Lorali use to believed in sunshine and roses until her world came crashing down. With nothing left to do she enlisted, she might as well be all she could be. Then one day the military let her down also. Now she was damaged goods destined to live a long and [...]

Niko - Love me Harder
Niko sat back and watched as his eldest brother mated, all the while keeping his eye on Dee. He thought he had time, but now time is the one thing he doesn't have as he watches Dee slip further away every day. Dee has been fighting her own personal demons since she has been a child. Now her demons come with more complicated issues. She's not sure but there is a chance that insanity is becoming [...]

Aran - Love me Harder
Aran came to earth looking for the one thing that was denied him on his home planet- a mate. He never expected to find one on earth, fearing that the women were as fragile as the ones on his planet. Then he met Rena. Fragile or not he finally found a woman who makes him ache. Rena has given up on men. That might change next week but she doubts it. She wants a man that's more action than words. [...]

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