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Books by Fred A. Ludwig

Kindred Souls
When a crime in the good city is committed, the police get sent out to investigate. They know the job, the sight of strife and violence becomes a common sight to most over the years. Usually, it doesn't follow when you go back to the office... or home, like it was a lingering scent upon the winds. When Simon and Logan look upon a murder scene and stand there staring at the decapitated body of a [...]

Scout Kii-jin
When a battle-damaged spacecraft comes down in the night, a few wish to meet the pilot, learn from those from visit us from space. A government agency wants to strip it any usable weapons, and keep the pilot in a dark room, should they survive entry into the atmosphere and the fighters they have waiting. Far Edge Scout Kii-jin finds herself wanted when she ends up coming down in the woods while [...]

Aisling's Woods
When a government agent vanishes in the woods near her new home, Aisling finds herself involved in a mystery, one that began before she was born. Returned to the town of her birth for her last year of high school, she is presented with one surprise after another. There's a troll living beneath the river bridge, and there is a toll that must be paid to cross. An ancient wolf follows her through [...]

The Misfits
The cafeteria table in Independence High has seen many students... but the ones who gather there are mostly those who get shunned by nearly everyone else. They don't know the names of the cheerleaders, they don't follow football or play any sports. It has become a gathering place for the misfits of the student body, a place of refuge against the bullies faced during the school days. Joining them [...]

The Dragon Twins - Princess
Bonded together by birth and battle, the world is no longer a safe place when Kasumi, a Japanese teen, meets up with Sara, a girl from America. Together, the two girls must fight against an unknown adversary in order to save their lives. Kasumi is Bushi, with a thousand years of proud Samurai heritage. Sara is a politicians daughter, always underfoot, often ignored, with ten years practice as a [...]

The Dragon Twins - Pirate
Captain Sara sets sail onto a troubled a sea in this sequel to The Dragon Twins: Princess. Hoping to put land behind her and feel the winds on her face as she goes sailing, she soon encounters one problem after another. A mystery begins to unfold when a vessel in distress is unexpectedly encountered after a battle with pirates, and the dangers on the waters become very real as she tries to help [...]

Indian Lands
Tipper had been told the Western Territories already had someone living there, and that they were not interested in any of the whites encroaching onto their lands. She had been told that some called it the Great Sioux Nation, and it was peopled with savages. She had been told of wild hostiles, the Indians who rape white women; those who killed the settlers, leaving their bodies laying out on the [...]

Lost Angel
When a photo of a B-17 bomber arrives at a museum one day, nearly 70 years after she was reported missing in combat, a mystery comes to light and an adventure begins. The Angry Angel was reported lost during her final mission, she never returned home. Everyone knows she was last seen falling, the flames showing, the black smoke following her as she went in the clouds. The official reports tell [...]

The Standing Stones
The Standing Stones has been a part of the land for thousands of years, but when the King's daughter tells him she wants to be one of the Guardians that protect them, she is forced to flee a growing evil. In a ruthless attempt to remove her feared abilities, someone is sent after her while a dark evil spreading out over the land. The Standing Stones are now in danger from the black robed ones, [...]

Blue Grotto
Sam is not one to let reports of sharks deter him from his mission. Although no one has found this sunken German U-Boat since it was reported attacked at the latter stages of World War II, he still feels he has a chance. He is a trained Agent, and he has skills. He can recover the gold it is suspected of carrying, and save the environment from the release of the mercury flasks as well. His [...]

Anaïs - The vampire that lives down the Lane
Someone new has come to town. She lives down the lane... in the old house that has been sitting there empty by the lake for many years. She's reclusive, very pretty, and has an alluring French accent. You'd never know she was over 100 years old. No one thinks it strange that she avoids the sunlight, or that you have to invite her into your home... its all just part of her charm and she has the [...]

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