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Books by Rasheed Odunade Akande

Author Rasheed Odunade Akande

Dispatch Tales II - with A Joyful Heart
A collection of poems on general themes written simultaneously with Lessons In Despair: A Song Of Hope, within the months of March- May 2015, at a time when persecution falls for my lot within my immediate family as a result of my change in religious orientation. This collection of poetry documents the strife going on inside my head, the many attempts to understand the other the way I'd like to [...]

Lessons in Despair - A Song of Hope
A collection of Christian poems written between the months of March- May 2015 while under persecution from my immediate Muslim family. This collection depicts my journey in my new found faith after conversion to Christianity, what should have made me weak gave me strength. I am grateful to God. Without help nor support, this collection of poems was written and self-edited and typed, and met [...]

Dispatch Tales
A collection of poetry written in the month of November/ December 2014. This collection picks on general poetic theme for discuss.Written at the beginning of my pangs of distress, this collection is preclude to what befell me in its concluding part Dispatch Tales Ii and Lessons In Despair, the unwarranted hatred and despication from family members. Those moments I'm sure will one day lapse, a new [...]

THE RECLUSE II - A re-awakening
A compendium of poems written from October- November 2014. Hard as reality has been, each piece navigates the terrain of experience, bringing out the best in me at every moment. This collection continues the tale telling attempt of my poetic journey, discussing the themes of love, loss, hope, search for and way to worship God, the African and our place in the world, the right of the individual at [...]

The Recluse
The Recluse is the third collection of poetry from the author and it forges a path greatly beyond its predecessors; If Only I Knew and Diary. It attempts a look into the social and economic mishaps of life that inadvertently leads to the abuse of opportunities by caring others. The Recluse is also a collection of poetry stemming from the desire of the individual at self-actualization by striving [...]

Diary: Dream within a dream is a work of poetry and a sequence to If Only I Knew: Personal Recollections. The Diary, like its predecessor delves into the problems of human social cultural experience while noting the struggles, both mental and physical of every individual to find acceptance and love e.t.c The book is a complex whole for poetry lovers, written in simple English dictum for all minds [...]

The first attempt by the author to tell his tale in poetic lines; the book touches on the story of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood as experienced. Also, it takes a cue from others experiences mainly of people close by since every experience is shared between or amongst people. The book in its tale telling attempt drifts through time and touches on diverse topics as love, death, hopes [...]

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