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Books by Valentine Williams

Author Valentine Williams

Unconfirmed Reports From Out There - Short Stories by
This is a collection of intriguing short stories, some of which have appeared elsewhere. They are sly, unexpected and strange tales in the genre of dark fiction, from the author of 'The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones',' The Marsh People' (Immanion Press) and 'Losing It' (Tirgearr Press). There's the woman with the strange pet, the man who returns to the sea, the young woman digging a man-sized [...]

The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones
The garden of Dorelia Jones flourishes with strange poisonous plants - but her mind is as full of poison as her garden. This venom permeates everything she does. About to be made homeless, and disinherited by her mother, Dorelia plots and schemes to ensure her own survival and comfort. A marriage of convenience turns out to be anything but for her unfortunate husband, who has to suffer being [...]

Losing It
** LIMITED AUTOGRAPHED EDITION ** Jane has been locked up in a high security hospital for killing her children. Well meaning intervention by Dr. Townsend begins to uncover early events in Jane's life. While attending her sister's funeral, Jane escapes and goes back to the Belgian caravan site where the murders took place. She connects in a real way with her past, is brought back to the hospital [...]

The Marsh People
The Marsh People is a story about a captive people who make a bid for freedom and survival, beyond the shelter of the City, on the land around the Burham Estuary. Dogs have rounded up the villagers and herded them into the teeming, inhuman City to work under the control of the Masters. The workers can barely remember their previous lives and have grown used to conditions in captivity. Scummo, [...]

Child With No Name
Based on a true story, this is an account of a little girl on holiday in Sumatra with her family, who miraculously survives the Boxing Day Tsunami and is taken to an Orphanage in Banda Aceh. Shocked and exhausted, she becomes mute and is unable to understand what is said to her. A photo of this child reaches an aid worker who is trying to reunite families, and she enlists the help of her mother [...]

Make Up Or Break Up - Making the Most of your Marriage
A clear, concise method to show couples how to break the cycle of problems and save their relationship. * A positive book with the focus on repairing relationships where possible * Most marriages have difficult patches - all couples have to commit to keeping their marriage alive * Helps readers to understand the fundamentals of a relationship or marriage Mary Williams believes that marriage is [...]

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