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Author A. Alico

Mine, Yours, His, Her...Decisions...
Sixteen-year-old Alexis believes her parents can't possibly understand what she's going through. Her father means well but never defends her from her mother's criticism. Alexis's mom constantly analyzes every action, every sentence, and every wardrobe choice. Alexis feels stifled under the constant scrutiny. Her best friends decide that the best way to get her out of her funk is to take her to [...]

Roberto's life has never been easy. When his family moves to a new neighborhood, hoping to keep him and his siblings safe, they're horrified as waves of crime sweep through the community. Roberto is shaken by an attack, robbed and roughed up by local street thugs. But when he starts carrying a knife, he bites off more than he can chew and murders one of the gang during their next attack. The gang [...]

This is a short story about a man who tried to live his life to the fullest till a tragedy occurs and his wife dies. It has poetic elements inside it. When his wife dies, he gives up on his life. It is over in the blink of an eye. In the end, his daughter, whom he had stopped talking to, finds a check in the house with the same last name, realizing it was her fathers. The check was never cashed. [...]

Rounds of Life
Tristan Mundy has a very nice life. The son of a wildly successful and powerful attorney, Tristan lives in Belle Harbor, a wealthy community right on the ocean and far away from the many harsh realities of the outside world. But money can't protect Tristan forever. When a terrible storm devastates Belle Harbor and strips him of everything he knows and loves, Tristan has no choice but to go to [...]

The Track Runner
Like his father before him, Alex is an impressive runner and track star. His strength, speed, and determination make him an Olympic hopeful. Then violence puts his life on an entirely different path. Mistaken for someone else, Alex is badly beaten by a drug lord's goons. Traumatized by the event, the young man loses all interest in running. So when a military recruiter offers a chance to escape [...]

Logistics of A Criminal
Trapped in a Brazilian slum, Alico wants more than his humble, hard-working parents can provide. Surrounded by poverty on every side, the young man sees only one escape membership in the Favela Kid, a local gang led by the charismatic Endo. Endo has everything Alico could desire money, food, fine possessions, and women. Alico idolizes the gang leader, not knowing his hero will betray him when he [...]

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