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Books by Thea Hartley

Author Thea Hartley

Family Ties and Saucy Secrets
An intriguing and very sexy story about Luke and Mia who are both over 60. They discover a tremendous sexual chemistry between them, and explore their passion at every opportunity.However, their everyday lives are interwoven with family responsibilities and the expectations of their children. These off spring are increasingly unhappy as their respective parents begin to enjoy a thrilling [...]

Under the Clouds of War (Changes Book 1)
"A book which will stay with you long after you have finished reading it". Historical Review - "War as civilians experienced it. A wonderful story which brings those times to life". A.Davenport Reviewer. War was inevitable. Sophie helped to make the blackout curtains. She was afraid. What did the future hold? Would there even be a future?

The Fall Of The French Letter King (The 'French Letter' trilogy Book 3)
This is the final book in the "French Letter" trilogy. The haunting story of the third generation of Hortons. Ron goes into decline as his business fails and his daughter Thea tries to overcome the traumas and abuse which shape her life. A story of heartache, tragic secrets, and the courage to fight back against all odds. This book also provides an insight into the rubber factory and the culture [...]

Gone And Forgotten (Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries Book 5)
'Kate Gilby' turns up dressed in rags in a local hospital. She disappeared four years ago with her daughter Sophie. There was an extensive nation-wide search, however, they appeared to be missing without trace. 'Kate' claims that she did not know about her daughters kidnap, and that she was drugged, fed and sexually abused in the basement of a local house. She does not realise how much time has [...]

Thicker than Blood
When coalminer Davy is seriously injured in a pit accident it makes life very hard for him and his wife Marie. It is 1940 and besides the constraints of rationing, they become poor and I'll. in desperation, Marie takes a job in a local factory, earning money for her family. She meets the charismatic Tony who had been invalided out of the forces. They fall in love and she feels happier than she [...]

The French Letter King
Tommy Horton arrived in Merthyr Tydfil in 1900, from the pit village of Sengenydd, determined to make his fortune. He became a costermonger, ventured into scrap metal and pawn broking; spent time in jail; started a boxing stable; bought a football club and, his greatest achievement, opened a rubber factory to make "French letters." Tom led a colourful life, which was reflected in both [...]

Secrets of The French Letter King (The 'French Letter' trilogy Book 2)
This is the second book in the "French Letter" trilogy. At first, I only intended to write the one book "The French Letter King", which was a biography about my grandfather, Tommy 'Tom' Horton and which also introduced his son, Ron, my father. However, following its publication and good reception by readers, I was asked to write a sequel, as people wanted to know what happened next? I carried out [...]

Tooth And Claw (Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries Book 4)
"Amy Winters was tearful. She sat at her desk in her bedroom, looking forlornly at her laptop showing a 'Missing Persons' page. 'Once someone has been missing more than 48 hours the chances of finding them alive is extremely slim, except in the cases of obvious runaways.' Could her mother have realistically run away? Was she fed up of looking after a family and a boring job? Had she run off to [...]

The Carousel
Millie is a nine year old girl who loves the past. She reads books about the Victorian age, and finds them very romantic. Millie's Nana is the opposite, she has pink hair with pink leggings to match. However Nana and Millie get on very well and often go shopping together. One day, Millie sees a beautiful, old, Victorian carousel for sale in a toyshop, she falls in love with it. However, it is [...]

Kill And Cure (Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries Book 3)
Azrael is here... Sally came over to John and seeing his eyes open gave him a soft kiss on the lips, "Just taking a shower, love" she told him unnecessarily. His eyes followed her across the room until she entered the door of the bathroom. The opened window caused a draught which softly blew the turquoise polyester quilt cover into waves on a sea of lost dreams. He felt no sexual urge for her nor [...]

The Counterfeit Wife
Mara is the perfect P.A. to Edmund De Quintin, the owner of a large corporation and the listed Syal Manor. Unexpectedly, he asks her to marry him, but explains he wants a marriage of convenience in order to have the perfect hostess and to give him am heir. Mara, although originally taken aback agrees and the wedding is arranged. Mara finds herself growing close to the female wedding planner. They [...]

Sticks And Bones (Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries Book 2)
Resa spoke "What did you want to see me about?" "We've got an unusual case, which I'd appreciate your help with." Resa felt a frisson of excitement. It would be good to use her psychological skills in a practical manner again. It was fine lecturing and debating with the students, but nothing beat the thrill of tackling a real case and helping to solve it. "Ok. Tell me about it" "A woman, Trina [...]

Gossip Columns
Praise for Gossip Columns: A GREAT CHRISTMAS READ " Chick lit at its best. and light hearted, but with an ending which brings tears to your eyes" m Romance in a box " The reality TV show is hilarious!" L.Rees reviewer. " I couldn't put it down" G. Parker. Ever wanted to date a celebrity? Wanted to be on a TV reality show? Both these fantasies come true for Saffy, who works as a temp in a TV [...]

Kith And Kill (Resa James criminal psychologist mysteries Book 1)
The light streamed in through the bedroom window where the curtains hadn't been pulled completely closed, allowing a beam to create a spotlight. A mirror on the dressing table reflected the scene in the room, the tableaux of bodies entwined beneath the sheets. One arm dangled over the side of the bed, a woman's, with small wrists and nails, painted deep red except for the index finger, where the [...]

Rapture Recaptured (Siren Publishing Allure)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Widow, Anna Richmond, and Rick Saunders meet on an Internet dating site. They discover that there is an overwhelming sexual chemistry between them, which reignites desires they thought were long in the past. They embark on a passionate relationship, but find obstacles in the way of their happiness. Not least of these are Anna's disapproving [...]

No Refuge
#1 in Free Psychological Fiction. "The book challenges stereotypes" Domestic abuse is something which happens to other people ... or does it? Two women, Jodie Harrison and Honey Sullivan, from opposite backgrounds, thought it wouldn't happen to them ... They were wrong ... Josh, Jodie's doctor husband physically abuses her, due in part to his sadist sexual urges. Honeys husband emotionally [...]

Wear Bright Colours For Me
Have you lived before? Could you be a reincarnation of someone - yourself - from a time gone past? Reincarnation, is a belief which is centuries old and the central tenet of many religions. This is a tale about its possibilities. Amy and Luke meet and are separated in various lives. Every time they feel a connection, some may call them "Soul Mates". Other people also turn up in life after life, [...]

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