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Books by J.B. Hawker

Author J.B. Hawker

Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Okay Chorale (Tillamook Tillie)
Remember when growing old gracefully was an admirable goal? Well, Matilda Thistlethwaite does, and she takes it one step further, going boldly into her eighth decade turning every day into an opportunity to fulfill all the possibilities still on offer. Tillie, or Mrs. T. as she is sometimes known, has amassed a wealth of wisdom in her eighty-something years and is more than happy to share it with [...]

Shadows of Hope (First Ladies Club Book 4)
Hope Masterson, who first appears in the popular Tillamook Tillie series, is an independent-minded ex-Marine. Currently teaching self-defense in the seaside community of Bannoch, Oregon, and recently married to Reverend Gideon Hopkins (introduced in Mrs. Thistlethwaite and the Whippersnapper), himself a former Army Ranger, Hope finds herself on unusually shaky ground as she adjusts to the [...]

A Body in the Belfry (The First Ladies Club Book 2)
A low moan penetrated Merrill's illness-and-antihistamine-befogged dreams, pulling her from a deep sleep. Squinting through sleep-glazed eyes at the unfamiliar room, she recalled where she was. The bedroom walls of her new home seemed to be vibrating with the deep bellow of a fog-horn. When high-pitched whines and squeals followed the low rumble, she blinked and sat up in alarm. Small town [...]

The First Ladies Club
The pastor's wife is missing! Is the escaped felon to blame? Whether living in a rectory, manse or parsonage, life married to a small town minister calls for faith, hope, and charity; plus heaping helpings of tact and the skin of a rhinoceros. New to this life in the small coastal town of Bannoch, Oregon, Naidenne Davidson turns for support to her fellow ministers' wives of The First Ladies Club. [...]

...and Something Blue (Bunny Elder Adventures Book 4)
Sailing on the ocean blue, just you and the love of your life. What could be more romantic? Middle-aged bride and groom, Bunny and Max, set sail for the Great Barrier Reef on a dream honeymoon trip certain to give the couple plenty of privacy as their sloop cuts through the waves toward Australia. The bride distrusts the open sea, but commits to the journey to please her new husband. Her [...]

Seadrift (Bunny Elder Adventures Book 3)
Life's been a beach for Bunny Elder since her pastor husband's murder, so where better to try to begin a new life than a small tourist town on the beautiful Oregon Coast? A midlife identity crisis prompts a career change and this former pastor's wife steps into uncharted waters attempting to become a freelance writer. She hopes the sun, sand and sea will inspire and heal. New career, new friends, [...]

Vain Pursuits (Bunny Elder Adventures Book 2)
Romantic Italy, home of gondolas, art, pasta, pizza and peril! Bunny Elder and her sister take a dream trip to romantic Italy. Will these innocents abroad find their travel experience enchanting, exciting or entirely alarming? What souvenirs will the sisters bring home...if they return, at all? This second book in the Bunny Elder series, a B.R.A.G. Medallion award-winner, finds Bunny flying off [...]

Hollow (Bunny Elder Adventures Book 1)
Ah, Autumn! Crisp weather, colorful leaves, cozy fires, and Halloween, with candy, costumes and ... corpses? Newly-widowed Bunny Elder draws solace from the fall season as she recovers from the shock of her pastor husband's accidental death. With a new home, new job and renewed relationships, she is groping her way to stability, only to be jerked off the healing path by the dead bodies and body [...]

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