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Books by J. Drew Brumbaugh

Author J. Drew Brumbaugh

Key to Tirumfall (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 3)
Isabella was told that she is the child of prophecy. She isn't. Gwen is the child of prophecy but she doesn't know it. What happens when the truth comes out? Maybe the answer lies within the Tower at Tirumfall where the secrets to the greatest magic are rumored to be hidden. But who will be able to unlock the mysterious tower that has remained sealed for thousands of years and will it solve [...]

Child of Prophecy (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 2)
The story started with "Fall of the Western Kings". Now "Child of Evil" continues the odyssey of Gant, the hero who killed Varg with his magical sword Valorious and who must now use his strength and cunning to find and neutralize the child born of evil. This child is prophesized to lead the demons of the western kingdoms to victory over the people of the east. Other characters accompany Gant to [...]

Fall of the Western Kings (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 1)
Gant is a commoner, forbidden from learning swordsmanship. He trains in spite of the law and ends up branded an outlaw. However fate intervenes while Gant is on the run and soon he is embroiled in an odyssey with forces of darkness that can only be vanquished with help from his friends, not all of whom are human. An epic that delivers the best in the tradition of classic fantasy.

Girls Gone Great
Girls Gone Great is a collection of magical tales written for girls ages two to ten. These fable-like stories were inspired by real girls, girls taking a magical journey of self-discovery where doing the right thing turns into something great. When you believe in yourself and have confidence to face obstacles, then any girl has the ability to "go great" and surprise herself just like the heroines [...]

War Party
In a world where dreams are belittled and apathy has become a staple, War Party proves that one unlikely hero can still make a difference. Tommy Galiwee, a native-American teen, wants desperately to be a warrior despite having been taught that Indian warriors no longer exist. Criticized and harassed by his father and tribal elders, Tommy sets out to prove he is much more than an idle dreamer. [...]

Olga is a genetically altered "shepherd" born to live at sea herding factory tuna. She lives with her two shipmates aboard a submersible raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Toivo is an independent fisherman who, along with two dolphins, struggles to make a living catching what few wild tuna are left. The two of them should never have met. But, someone is killing shepherds and fate pushes [...]

Bula Bridge (Galiwee Visions)
The exciting sequel to "War Party." Tommy has another vision and this one shows a plot that will endanger thousands of innocent people. The problem is the vision doesn't provide the exact location, only that a railroad bridge will be destroyed. What can he do?

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