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Books by Judith Victoria Douglas

Author Judith Victoria Douglas

Twisted Vine - An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems
A preview of the author's work with several of her short stories and poems from her beginnings to present. A variety of genres are included, some with a twist in time, with excerpts from some of her published, and soon-to-be-published novels. From flash fiction to a-little-longer short stories, there is also included a sci-fi in poetic meter. There is romance, romantic suspense, Sci-fi visions of [...]

Ariel's Cottage
Something strange is happening around Ariel's cottage. She senses it, but doesn't understand. Being reclusive, with a name not entirely her own, she likes to feel invisible, but something is changing her and her situation. A victim at seventeen Ariel is now an unsung hero hidden for her protection. No one knows where she is or her real identity except her WITSEC advocate. As a writer in her early [...]

Tree & Sky - The Secrets of Meshyah's World
Children's book of short stories for middle grade readers to interest them in science fiction. There's no magic, just real science. Enter Meshyah's world with her friends, Jasmine and Ozwald. They live several years in the future, under a dome on Antarctica, the Earth's largest continent. Learn how a wondrous tree grew on Shy's house and the hazards they face living under their protective dome [...]

Where the Horses Run, Book I - Mass Extinction
A mass vanishing of a world's species begins this epic tale of an apocalyptic possibility. Its told through the experiences of a young woman and those in her immediate circle. They face a worldwide crisis that should have never occurred. It thrusts Elle back to the stress-filled mental state of a previous like-experience. She's barely healed and so grateful her giant black gelding isn't counted [...]

A Price for Love: Ariel's Cottage
This is a powerful, suspense-filled tale of a young woman, a victim at seventeen of a cruel crime, and now hidden for her safety with a new identity. As a writer now living in a country cottage, twenty-two year old Ariel still feels seventeen. She devises a risky plan to boost her writing. It's risky, but everything in Ariel's life is risky. She begins with Jerry, the eighteen year old who cuts [...]

Painted Tree - Two Novellas
Two stories: Both set in 1941-45. IN BLOOD THERE IS NO HONOR A crime that leads to extremes in blood-for-blood vengeance. A southern family struggles through the consequences of a chance occurrence, a crime unplanned. We are privy to their sorrows begun with the opportunistic kidnapping of beautiful fourteen year old Tessa, granddaughter in the three generation household. The staunch and [...]

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