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Books by Ed Halliday

Author Ed Halliday

The Magic Ingredient
In a world obsessed with diet, food, recipes, what to eat, what not to eat, fat, carbohydrate, being overweight, wouldn't it be great if there was a simple solution? Maybe some magic ingredient that could be added to food to make us all thin? Surely it would be wonderful if we could all eat whatever we wanted to and not worry about it? But maybe we should be careful what we wish for. Perhaps we [...]

Breakfast at Sid's
The minute Sidney Angel is rudely awoken by someone smashing his front door down, he knows he is going to have one hell of a day! He isn't wrong. Given little choice and only twenty four hours on the clock, he has to find a missing gangster, a large bag of cash, rescue a maiden or two in distress and manage to stay alive, and all before breakfast the next morning. Armed with nothing but a fierce [...]

Pigs in Paradise (The Almost Perfect Series Book 2)
Thomas Hardy is still anything but a famous author! He is still, however, getting into an awful lot of trouble whilst trying to write his next masterpiece! Whilst researching a romance he is attempting to write, (very badly,) he inadvertently gets involved in a gang war between rival London gangsters. With a price on his head he flees once more to what he imagines to be the safety of the sleepy [...]

The Almost Perfect Plot
When Thomas Hardy, (who is anything but a famous author), finds himself being ejected from his home he makes a decision. Forced to change his lifestyle, he decides to stop writing manuals for flat pack furniture and try his hand at fiction. This darkly humorous tale with a hint of a thriller follows Tom as he stumbles through his new life, staggering from disaster to disaster, as he attempts to [...]

Burnt Toast and Bent Noses
Julian Renard desperately needs a new job, and hopefully one he will get paid for, with real money! When he suddenly finds himself being interviewed for a position he hasn't even applied for, he assumes his luck has changed. Or has it? This darkly humorous tale Follows our unfortunate job seeker as he finds himself with little choice but to accept a new career, working for some very dubious [...]

The Grinning Dog
This dark humorous thriller with a romantic twist pivots around the well known fact that people love their pets, and no pet has captured the human heart more so than the humble and ever loyal dog. But is their undying desire to protect and serve their masters mutual? How far will a man go for his best friend? This darkly humorous tale explores this question to the very limit, as well as the [...]

The expected demise of Bernard Fish
A very unique and comical view of life, death and all that comes after it. This very darkly humorous but strangely heart warming tale follows the unremarkable Bernard Fish as he learns that living is far less simple than he thought. He also discovers that being dead is more exciting than he could ever have imagined, not that he has ever had much of an imagination. Betrayal, greed, love and lust [...]

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