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Books by Zoe Scarlatti

Christie Creme (#ZspotDiaries Book 18)
Christie Creme is Short Episode 18 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. Like Groundhog Day. Another #GOP Douche on the list. Another backwater, armpit, shit hole of a city. Zoe's beginning to believe Uncle Carlo has it in for her. Not in the assassin sense, of course. And what could be sexier than Rex Ryan's feet in Buffalo? How about Chris Christie's appetite in Trenton, New Jersey. Bruce's [...]

Jindal Belles (#ZspotDiaries)
Jindal Belles is Short Episode 17 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. The Big Sleazy. New Orleans as it once was. And shows every sign of becoming once again. Governor Bobby Jindal isn't strictly speaking one of them. He's "other." One of the many reasons his policy regarding immigration is so puzzling. But it turns out old Bobby has something to hide. His faith is unlikely to see him through this [...]

Bills Kill (#ZspotDiaries Book 16)
Bills Kill is Short Episode 16 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. What could be more glamorous than a contract in Buffalo? Just about anything. But work is work. And there will be some heavy lifting. Three names instead of the customary one. All attached to the same Pro Football Franchise.

Donald's Clump (ZspotDiaries Book 15)
Short Episode 15 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. A contract on The Donald? Only question? What took so long? No drama for Zoe. Investigators will have their work cut-out for them. GOP hacks. Apprentice contestants. Miss America. Most other women who have menstruated. Ivana. Mexicans. Loads of possibles. But who truly believed it would end like this?

Fuckleberry Kin (ZspotDiaries Book 14)
Fuckleberry Kin is Short Episode 14 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. The only connection Zoe had to Little Rock, Arkansas? Like so many other women, only Bill Clinton's dick. Now back on the campaign trail in this unspeakable backwater, Boston's most highly paid assassin realizes what unites Huckabee, Duggar, and Pig Farming. Sure, it's the stench. But there's so much more. @GOP y'all.

Dick Hurts (ZspotDiaries Book 13)
Dick Hurts is Short Episode 13 of Zoe Scarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. Meet Governor Richard Scott. Some unimaginative supporters call him "Rick" for short. It's Scott's goal to make Florida work for all people, unless you're a Democrat, Black, Hispanic, Child, Inmate or Poor. He's the key holder to the much coveted Florida Electoral Bonanza for the 2016 Presidential Derby. And much like 2004 and 2008, [...]

Sierra Padre (Z-Spot Diaries Book 12)
Sierra Padre is Short Episode 12 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking @ZspotDiaries. Back on the campaign trail? Well, not exactly. Zoe's eyes tend to glaze over whenever the subject of politics comes up. But as one of the nation's most sought after assassins, she'll necessarily be making a list, and checking it twice. The epitome of a target-rich environment.

Doral Desayuno (Z-Spot Diaries Book 11)
Doral Desayuno is Short Episode 11 of Zoe Scarlatti's Z-Spot Diaries. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is in shambles. Oil production is down. Chronic food shortages. And a murder rate second only to Honduras. But the Chavistas, lead by President Nicolas Maduro, continue to loot the country's cofferes at an alarming rate. Maduro decides to take a clandestine trip to Miami to visit his money [...]

Hump Dump (Z-Spot Diaries Book 10)
Hump Dump is Short Episode 10 of Zoe Scarlatti's Z-Spot Diaries. New Hampshire's slogan? Live Free or Die. Zoe is certainly down with the second part. But a trip to this god forsaken place had to be necessitated by business. Who would choose to visit voluntarily? Only candidates during the run-up to a Presidential Delegate Gang Bang. Ironically. the sexual reference is not misplaced. Even in one [...]

Bristol Clip (Z-Spot Diaries Book 9)
Bristol Clip is Short Episode 9 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking #ZspotDiaries. And we're back. Enjoying a day in the life of America's most accomplished assassin. Zoe travels to the center of the sporting universe: Bristol Connecticut. An organization on the firing line. Deflategate. Domestic Violence. Sexual Assault. Reporting the stories, but living them as well. Skipper balances a godlike [...]

Marco Polo (Z-Spot Diaries Book 8)
Marco Polo is Short Episode 8 of Zoe Scarlatti's Z-Spot Diaries. Zoe wanted a weekend of R&R in Havana after a particularly trying week. But Uncle Carlo had different ideas. As is so often rge case, Zoe must react swiftly to hit a target of opportunity. All of a sudden the national front-runner is clogging the pool filter. Who'll be the decider now?

Modi Voda (Z-Spot Diaries Book 7)
Episode 7 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking ZspotDiaries. A marriage made in heaven? Probably somewhere a little warmer. Two greedy leaders plan to reap the benefits of India's rape epidemic. In a depraved manner only Hollywood, or Bollywood, could envision. But Zoe prefers the classics. And with the support of an unlikely source, some version of justice manages to slip in the backdoor. #ModiVoda.

IseHole (Z-Spot Diaries Book 6)
IseHole is Short Episode 6 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking Z-Spot Diaries. Johnny is reveling in the spotlight. All across Syria, Iraq, and other such desirable destinations, ISOL is building its brand. John is the toast of YouTube and the matinee idol of Dancing Boys and Jihadi JerkOffs alike. But is he ready for the big time? Apparently al Baghdadi thinks so. But Gotham is home to a savage [...]

Kimchi Panda (Z-Spot Diaries Book 5)
Kimchi Panda is Episode 5 of Zoe Scarlatti's Z-Spot Diaries. Murder. But it's a living. The current contract takes Zoe to Chicago. It's not been a good town for her in the past. And today's not looking much better. Kim Jong-un, a fortune teller, an al Qaeda affiliate, Dennis Rodman, and a Yakuza bodyguard. If not for Suki, it might have been a total loss.

Wayne's Word (Z-Spot Diaries Book 4)
Wayne's Word is Episode 4 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking crime series, the Z-Spot Diaries. Boston's most highly sought-after assassin is at it again. In the wake of Sandy Hook's second anniversary, the NRA is celebrating another banner year. Doubters, deniers, Birthers and Tea-baggers descend on Nashville to further obfuscate what the Founders meant by a well-regulated militia. Never to be [...]

Pole Star (Z-Spot Diaries Book 3)
Pole Star is Episode 3 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking Z-Spot Diaries. Bridling under the strain of taking over a complicated crime syndicate, Zoe returns to her life's work. If only for a brief assignment. Pole Star brings Zoe to Miami, a city she knows well, and has her in the employ of a jealous wife. But this time Zoe has some skin in the game. Murder. But it's a living. @ZoeScarlatti

Father's Habit (Z-Spot Diaries Book 2)
Organized religion played an important role in Zoe Scarlatti's life, much as it did for many Roman Catholic children coming of age in predominantly Italian neighborhoods. But exposure to other forms of worship, as well as confronting hypocrisy in the Catholic Church, have informed Zoe's outlook on the existence of an omnipotent deity. Decades committed to vocational pursuits as unforgiving as [...]

MOHEGAN SON - The Z-Spot Series
Mohegan Son is the first episode in a multi-season account detailing Zoe Scarlatti's experiences growing up in Boston's North End. Part memoir, part crime drama, the Z-Spot Diaries come to life in a manner that renders Organized Crime and Law Enforcement confused and apprehensive. The work is murder. But it's a living. Each installment details a past infraction, current assignment, or future [...]

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