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Books by Rosalind Minett

A Relative Invasion - The trilogy
In this coming-of-age wartime trilogy, the relationship between two young cousins mirrors the emotions that led Hitler to power: the desire for territory and dominance. 1937 London. With WWII on the horizon, the Wilson cousins meet and trouble begins. Well-meaning Billy is no match for talented but devious Kenneth, who begins his invasion of Billy's life. As the Wilson boys jockey for adult [...]

Infiltration (A Relative Invasion, Book 2) - Two boys, one family, a world at war
A WW2 novel to enthrall adults and older children. Billy is evacuated, and his nightmare cousin, Kenneth, comes too. Both will face dramas, unexpected meetings and opportunities for personal growth as the war goes on and on... "A delight to read" - Historical Novel Society ". . . the stark and simple times of wartime Britain superbly evoked with just the simplest of brush strokes . . .gets so [...]

Intrusion (A Relative Invasion Book 1)
WAR THREATENS AT THE VERY SHORES OF HOME . . . WITH RUTHLESS HITLER IN EUROPE AND DEVIOUS COUSIN KENNETH AT THE DOORSTEP. A fateful rivalry is born . . . Lonely Billy's excitement at having a playmate turns to dismay. Frail, artistic Kenneth is hideously devious, Uncle Frank is an outright bully and Billy's parents fail to see further than Kenneth's porcelain looks to his darker soul. Those very [...]

Homed - Who's guilty - child or adult? (Crime Shorts Book 2)
This is the second of the series, Crime Shorts. Number one was Oyster: a boy with potential. Here is number two, a short story that poses a question: who is at fault? If you like to puzzle over the rights and wrongs of a situation, you should enjoy this. It doesn't seem that a crime is imminent but narrators are not always reliable, any more than helpers always help. A boy has been found a home. [...]

A Ghostly Assignment - . . . and its lasting heritage
When journalism students, Jake and Sara, investigate reports of a ghost, they don't expect more than village myths and fancies. Their weird experiences shock them to the core and they could never have predicted the lasting effect of this, their first assignment.

Oyster - a boy with potential - A choirboy's sinister discovery (Crime shorts Book 1)
When 10 year-old Jake finds a dead body in the deserted church, he can't tell police anything about the murder, although the Children's Home say he's the cleverest boy there. What does he really know? Is Jake's destructive past a threat to his future, or anyone else's? Don't read this if you hated We Need to Talk about Kevin.

UNCOMMON RELATIONS - Who should be forgiven - suspenseful psychological fiction
Terry's married life explodes when encounters his double. Other people wake to find they've won the lottery or become famous. It's never him! He dreams of a life more exciting than his tense one with troubled wife, Gudrun, sex only seven times a month, a two-up, two-down home in Colliers Row and a shaky career. But how did he get there? When his morning commute ends in an astounding encounter [...]

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