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Author Kyle Robertson

The Asperger's Adventure - The Quest for a Cure That Went Wrong
The Good News, You Found a Cure for Your Disease. The Bad News. Someone Wants to Kill You to Get the Cure In this fiction medical adventure, Stanley Arness was diagnosed at birth with an Autism spectrum disorder named Asperger's Syndrome. He was frighteningly smart, but socially inept. He wanted to fix his awkwardness. After several years, he came up with a DNA reset correction for his ASD. The [...]

Thick Blood Theory - When Conspiracy Means Murder
How do you solve a murder case when you're the speculated culprit? Lieutenant J. Derricks is a great homicide detective in the Culver City Police Department. He transferred to the suburbs after his partner was shot and killed in a tragic robbery attempt in L.A. Derricks was bitter after that fiasco. He went through so many rookie detectives vying to be his partner that he hazed into a transfer. [...]

The Platinum Retriever - The Story of Earth's Unexpected Savior
A Private Investigator has to Investigate a Very Different Case This alien invasion tale has a very different premise. Yes, they have xenomorph DNA, but they were indigenous to Earth. This adventure gets much deeper than the normal. Daedalus Platinum was a private investigator for children who never received their child support. The reason for his diligence was his father died before he was born, [...]

Spark of Dawn - The Assassin's Vindication (The Female Yakuza Book 1)
HOW DO YOU SAVE YOUR BROTHERS TRICKED INTO KILLING YOU? Yoake Hibana (Dawn's Spark in English) is a female Yakuza assassin of the Rising Dragon Clan. Her moniker was the Demure Assassin. She was a peak assassin. The only problem with her was she was a 'her'. Females were mothers, daughters or mistresses in the Yakuza. Being a soldier was unheard of. One day after a certain assassination, she [...]

Terror on Arrival - An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novel
How on Earth do You Stop the Unstoppable? Before the Earth had formed any complex life, a planet called Valan-Cheanus was a beautiful planet with a relentless plague destroying it. An indigenous creature called the Chauzek. It was a silicone based, amphibian-like, morphing adapter that was the planet's garbage disposal. It ate everything. The main defense for the creature was its imperiousness, [...]

The Millennium Malevolene - The Time Spanning Revenge Endangerment (All Four Complete Parts)
A mystically futuristic adventure starting one thousand years before the 24th century Starting in the middle-ages, a Protector tried to stop an immortal with witchcraft, but inadvertently destroyed the immortal's eternal mate. The immortal was affected as well. The immortal, Gavis, was aided by a dark warlock to be healed, however, a thousand year coma was the result hindering Gavis' revenge. But [...]

Wrong Step - A Sinister Syndicate Thriller
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could get very deadly In the city with eight million stories, there was a dark tale of a young Ghanaian emigrant woman looking for adventure in New York because selling fruit in the market in Ghana bored her. Sheddi Dedzo was a very intelligent woman who learned photography, and happened upon a bodega robbery. She clicked away, and gave her camera to a [...]

The Millennium Malevolence (Book 4)
Conclusion of the four eBook series (Get the entire series under The Millennium Malevolence) In the 24th century, Adama Aruna was a history mentor who had been through a life changing suspenseful adventure. It began for her when she went out with her fellow lady mentors, Nanjiri and Alexis to Scallywags so the other two could meet men. Adama was unfortunately the only one to meet a guy, except [...]

The Millennium Malevolence (Book 3)
Part Three continuation of Millennium Malevolence: The Ktaldeik had returned to the Ktaldeik headquarters, to prepare for the lycan onslaught coming. Adama began to manifest her power unconsciously, and inevitably. Revyn spoke to Jelani about the treaty violation, and strategized a tactic to defeat the werewolves without killing them. This will become a devastating battle.

The Millennium Malevolence (Book 2)
Part two: Adama has to learn the new version of Wicca to defeat her immortal hunter. Her friends, The Mentor Madams, participate in the quest while Gavis is relentlessly searching for her. They all went to the Haunted Moors to graduate into becoming a full Ktaldeik, but after an unexpected disaster, Adama learns the power of being the Last Descendant.

The Millenium Malevolence (Book 1)
Free first book in series! In the medieval times, there was an immortal that was the perceived scourge who rivaled the Black Death plague in the Renaissance.. Chorlisr Remmik, a Protector from the Ktaldeik (Tal-DEEK) had to defend the village against the eternal. He had to use witchcraft in order to damage him. The immortal, Gavis, was just sitting by a fire with his eternal mate in a cottage [...]

Celestial Summoner (Paranormal Detective Stories)
Death has gripped the throat of middle America Random people are being heinously murdered, with the bodies displayed in the most horrific way. Detective John Chandless is a thick-skinned officer from New York who had apprehended the most depraved men in the barrios. Perhaps he had underestimated the the evil in the heart of the country. Kansas shouldn't be so harsh compared to the City, but [...]

Final Mental Adventure (Ultimo Mentis Valebat) - Elton's Ethereal Journey Through Schizophrenia
How do you stop worldly obliteration? Jackson Quwelliks was a cutting edge computer programmer and renowned game designer. He created a game that defined an entire genre and had a promising future that is until these strange other-dimensional creatures began visiting him. Confiding in a co-worker got him sent to a mental health facility and summarily fired. Once out, his diagnosis of [...]

A Hunter's Blood - The Crimson Contracts (The Hunter Chronicles)
A futuristic tale of how law enforcement works in a darker society This story tells of how the bounty hunters are at the top of the food chain, and what methods they use to capture the more elite criminals. The corporation Dyna-Techor experimented, and created the perfect humanoids. The seven creations turned on the scientists, and murdered them. The corporation wanted their prodigal experiments [...]

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