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Books by Daniel Allen DuBour

Author Daniel Allen DuBour

The Path
The Path is a book about the paths people take in life and depending upon what path they decide to take will lead to success of a happy life, or ultimate destruction. Geared toward adolescents who are thinking about a career, college, military, or not thinking at all. The influential factors which lead people onto a certain path, and those who miss guide to a path leading to nowhere. The Path [...]

The Fate - The Jacobsons
A remarkable stroke of fate, or was it destiny who brought John Jacobson and his son together? His son was brought up in a household of hate and mistrust. He leaves home at an early age to try and seek out some sort of happiness in New York City. During this time his real father, a truck driver was unaware of his son's existence. What forces were in play to give his son the idea of leaving New [...]

Life Blood
Life Blood is about our Red Blood Cells in our bodies; where the are formed in our bodies and what are there function. The book takes the Red Blood Cell from it's conception through its travels in our bodies and the work it does for our well being. An educational tool for those who do not know the function of their blood and how vital our blood is for survival. Also hint on keeping a health body.

Ernest and Mildred
Ernest and Mildred is a true and factual story of my father and mother who raised fifteen children. Complete with pictures and dates when each child was born, a synopsis of their lives; married, jobs, and children, etc. All born one at a time in Springfield, Massachusetts. First Born, Shirley when she was born, who she married and the names of her children. Second Born, Raymond, the date he was [...]

Coming Out and Discovering the Rainbow
Revised Edition about a middle aged woman who goes about her life alone working as a libraraian. Her life changes when befriended by a gay coworker. She falls in love with another woman discovering the rainbow by admitting her real identity. A story of friendship, caring, and love.

Orieonis (Little People)
Four couples and two boys from the planet Orieon volunteer to go with the astronauts from earth in their space ship to earth. During their flight, the captain and his crew devise a scheme to kidnap the two boys and use them for side shows for monetary gain. Before landing, they separate the two boys from the rest of the orieonis, making mission control believe they only had the four couples on [...]

The Gold Scalpel
The Gold Scalpel is an award given to the surgeon who performs the most surgeries in one year bring the most revenue to the medical center. The story follows the one surgeon who had received the Gold Scalpel Award; His unscrupulous actions combined with drinking, over sexed, and greed.

Life's Attractions
Some people come into your life for a reason, some people come into your life for a season, and some people come into your life for a lifetime. This is a biography of a gay man who encounters many types of people in his life, both straight and gay. A person filled with love for particular people he meets as he experiences his Life's Attractions.

A Prince That Would Be King
This is a story of a Prince; a modern day fairytale about a prince abducted as an infant; a man of royal blood who lives his life into adulthood among ordinary people in an ordinary lifestyle. As an adult he is confronted by his adopted father who gives him the details of his adoption. An interesting story of mystery and hardship overcome in the life of a prince who would be king.

Life's Journeys
Life's Journeys - By Daniel A. DuBour - Life has been a mystery to all for all times. When does life begin? And does every life have a spirit? All the religions of the world have their own interpretation of life, the spirit and the existence of a supreme being. The following short stories depict the lives of ten individuals and their ultimate entrance into the spiritual world. Each life is [...]

A Prince That Would Be King
The Prince that Would Be King is a modern day fairy tale about a prince who is abducted as an infant and shipped off to New York City. The story begins at the birth of this child prince in a far away kingdom. The king and queen proclaimed a day of celebration throughout the kingdom. Many well wishers throughout the kingdom came to celebrate the birth of this first born child and air to the [...]

The Edge of Light
Have you ever wondered what happens after you pass from this life into the next? Some may say there is no next, and others would say oh, you just fall asleep and wake up in heaven. I have heard others say you go to a different world or you are born again into this world. The following short stories are my own idea of what experiences certain individuals might have. Though seemingly impossible and [...]

Beyond the Edge of Light
What happens now? This book is about the characters from the Edge of Light who had passed on and where guided by an angel to the Edge of Light. Their stories end by a giant hand picking them up and taking them to the light. This is a sequel of these same characters as they enter into the light. Though some of the story came to me in a dream, the stories themselves are fictional. Just about [...]

Sammy - A Day In The Life OF Sammy
Sammy, a Day in the Life of Sammy is a picture book designed for children and cat lovers of all ages. Sammy is a snowshoe Siamese cat; highly intelligent who loves people. Inspired by a friends cat and its beauty; I had taken several pictures of Sammy, his actions of any particular day; sleeping, eating, watching T.V. and visiting with a friend: (a young duck) The book is designed to teach how to [...]

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