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Books by Jeanette Vuuren

Author Jeanette Vuuren

Honeybee's Counting Book Volume 6 - - Number names & symbols 1 - 10, honeybee words & silly rhyme (Honeybee Series)
HONEYBEE'S COUNTING BOOK, Volume 6 of the Honeybee Series, consists of approximately 55 pages which include honeybee words, phrases, sentences and full color illustrations. It is an educational book for ages 3 to 5, and provides the opportunity for readers to learn the basic honeybee words, at the same time practicing numbers names and symbols from one to ten. This book also includes extra [...]

Children's books - Honeybee's Dictionary 2 Volume 12 ... words A-Z & meanings (Honeybee Series)
TEACHERS AND STUDENTS! LOOK NO FURTHER! ALL HONEY BEE INFORMATION - PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS (AGES 8-12) "Students, teachers, educators and parents will benefit from this book as each of them can use it in a different way to teach kids. A perfect book for kids that will help them learn new words and new concepts about honey bees." Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite. "This educational tool truly [...]

Honeybee's Body Parts Volume 3
HONEYBEE SERIES BY JEANETTE VUUREN - GREAT TEACHING RESOURCES AGES 3-12 DIFFERENCES IN BODY PARTS (QUEEN, DRONE, WORKER BEE) HONEYBEE'S BODY PARTS VOLUME 3 by JEANETTE VUUREN provides specific information about the differences between the three types of bees in the hive regarding their body parts as well as the purpose of each part. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY K-6 (CONSERVATION, ECOSYSTEM, BIODIVERSITY, [...]

Honeybee's Life Cycle Volume 2 - From an egg to an adult bee
TEACHERS & STUDENTS! VALUABLE RESOURCES ON HONEY BEES! HONEY BEES LIFE CYCLE (FROM AN EGG TO AN ADULT BEE) In HONEYBEE'S LIFE CYCLE, Volume 2 Honeybee, a friendly little female worker bee, explains the life cycle of a honey bee, focusing on the main features and characteristics of each stage. She loves using rhyming words whenever the opportunity arises and aims to repeat the information in a fun [...]

Children's books - Honeybee's Family & Home, Volume1 - Honey bee facts - Family, home, gender, food & communication (Honeybee Series)
AN EDUCATIONAL BOOK WITH FUN FACTS ABOUT HONEY BEES! HONEY BEES - FAMILY, HOME, GENDER, FOOD, COMMUNICATION As a child grows, it has many questions about the people and things it sees around itself. The Honeybee children's books for kindergarten & elementary school students, help answer these questions from the perspective of a playful female honeybee. The learning books aligned to Common Core [...]

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