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Books by Temba Magorimbo

Author Temba Magorimbo

Child Of Promise
They all belong to the same group of praise singers. They are running with the crowd that makes holy noise. This is a group of young and unmarried people with a few exceptions who all congregate without belonging to any particular church. The story shows how these young people react to the economic and social conditions surrounding them as the economy is a mainstay to one and bad for another. [...]

This is the life of Juliet Hamilton soon after the guns have fallen silent in Rhodesia. She is fresh from college in South Africa. Peace has carpeted the country when she meets Doctor Harvey Stanford who is coming fresh into QueQue from having done his masters in United Kingdom. A whirlwind romance ensures with her eligible cherry of the picking bachelor ending up with a white wedding and [...]

Lamb To The Slaughter - wolf on the prowl
These are the life and times of an African family as the 80s move on. There is are a trioof boys who have a burning ambition to burn the midnight oil. Tapiwa Chakauya makes it to university which is the ultimate prize the family wants. Everyone else thought the Chakauya boys would end up looking into the mouths of misfiring diesel engines as their father does. He is the pacesetter for his family. [...]

Pata-Pata [soft footsteps]
It all goes wrong from the moment Sandra decides to assist her mentor and fellow former co-worker Stephanie who is catering for a Couples Fellowship. They met in teacher's college, graduated in separate years but formed a strong bond. They all taught Home Economics at high school. Stephanie has to sell her business at all costs with Sandra's assistance. She trusts Sandra a lot. The fellowship [...]

They Breed Merino Sheep - [dances with a lion]
What does the fighting of two bull elephants in a game reserve within an international resort area have to do with a litter of poachers who try to kill a fully grown African lion? What do poachers crossing the porous border to hunt trophies have to do with romance? Then call in a West German chemical industries guru and a professional hunter trying to shoot dead a lion that is as difficult to [...]

Splash In The Loch
Muriel is a hot tempered but charming intelligent well educated woman of class who holds her own in the Scottish establishment. She is a hot stepping ravenously beautiful woman who is well aware that she has the body and the brains to go with it. She is dating Hubert who is a mechanical engineer of repute working for a firm that designs small engineering solutions for big problems. The problem [...]

Butterscotch - meet me in Alberta
The heat is on from the moment Raphael concludes his apprenticeship. He starts working part time as a lecturer while searching around for a permanent job of his calibre. He meets Virginia, a state registered general nurse in training. Together they become an inseparable item. He finds contract work that pays well and is within his trade 280-kilometres away from his love. In her part, Virginia [...]

If Women Can Weep - then God will be the comforter
Patricia Daniel meets Michael Du Plessis when he nearly ran her over with a vehicle because he had been careless. She blows hot over him but his attitude was to accept and absorb all the harsh words she threw at him. He returns her cheeky words with great senses of humour and Christian morality. Michael is an n electronics engineer, who did his trade in West Germany. He grew up in both Cape Town [...]

Off The Eagle's Claws
The story of one white man's fight against the odds from the days of Rhodesia to independence in an African ruled dimension. He fought and survived the Rhodesian bush war from the losing end as a Caucasian soldier. His friend and confidante is an aircraft pilot dodging the anti aircraft bullets and rockets launched by the nationalist guerrillas fighting a war against the might of Rhodesia. They [...]

Let Close On Me
Imagine that you were born a Caucasian in war torn Rhodesia. Your father runs with the crowd in military fatigues holding an FN rifle and backpack. He runs through African hamlets chasing after an elusive guerrilla army. Imagine that your father is in a fire fight in the Rhodesia bush. He lies there with his scattered troops. If he raises his head, he gets an AK 47 rifle bullet in the head, rump, [...]

For All Have Sinned
6 siblings storm into adult hood in the post Rhodesia era. What effect does the Rhodesian bush war have on them? As teenagers grow up, they are bound to experiment with sex, drugs and alcohol. The first in the family becomes a reputable long distance champion from his days in the second tier of secondary schooling. The next becomes a short distance sprint athlete. The next becomes a boxer extra [...]

Tigers Hunt At Night - plight of interracial couples
Charles Saungweme seems to have it all. At eighteen he fails to qualify for university even though he had a brilliant brain and was an 'A' Ordinary level student. His parents pressurise him over his academic and professional education. Deborah Burgher is the daughter of Doctor Karl and Mrs. Katherine Hanns in Zimbabwe on a missionary expedition for four years. Karl is a medical specialist [...]

Lake Of My Heart - where do broken hearts go?
Oh, the days they dated! Trevor was on his way up the ladder in the challenging real estate portfolio. A battery of examinations, college lessons and hard work were coming between him and his favourite pursuits. The number of times the board allows rewrites is limited. He likes his beer, sports and fraternizing with the gentry who watch live EPL/ESPN soccer. Then he met Naomi by accident. A day [...]

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