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Books by Frank Roderus

Author Frank Roderus

Morgan - A Frank Roderus Western
The Civil War, with its hundreds of thousands of dead, resulted in families left without husbands, brothers and sons. Orphans were left to fend for themselves. The protagonist in this wonderful little book was one of those orphans. We follow his life as he makes the hard decision to leave the family farm and go west in search of gold. Along the way, he enters Barlow in Colorado Territory, an [...]

The Ballad of Bryan Drayne
Roderus paints an exciting picture of a lawless time in Montana/Idaho territory, where a guy's life could be in danger over as little as a piece of lukewarm apple pie. This story is full of both laugh out loud funny and harrowing moments, as Bryan Drayne, a businessman adrift in this wild time, must play a cat-and-mouse game with a band of drunken vigilantes. Roderus spins his yarn with equal [...]

The Name Is Hart
The back breaking work of a cowhand wasn't for Hart...but he had a real talent with horses...he was a master. He could be as gentle as a mare with a new foal, or as mean as the wildest bronc. The rancher's prized stallion would be broken his way, but the ranchers daughter was another story all together!

Old Kyle's Boy
When your brother and your daddy are hung by the neck until dead, and all the cattle you've fought to raise and keep all your life are taken as reparations, then you're bound to have a burr under your saddle...and some things only a gun can resolve. Another fine action adventure from Frank Roderus, America's western tale master. Don't miss this one!

Old Marsden - A Frank Roderus Western
When he was born his parents named him Alvin, but that was a good time ago. These days pretty much everybody just called him Cap. Maybe he wasn't quite as spry as he was back in his trapping days, but he could still sit a horse and his aim was almost as fine as ever. Most of the time, though, he was perfectly content to regale his granddaughter with tales of his exploits. But when someone [...]

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