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Books by Barbara Woster

Author Barbara Woster

The Purple Christmas Tree
Join Cedarboppin, Firgo, Elfendorf, the Blackwell Family, and the Spirit of Christmas in this incredible story of two best friends separated during the most wonderful time of the year. Illustrations created by the author, and her daughters (ages 12 & 10).

Desires of a Deceiver
The enmity of a deranged mind causes a young woman to face the greatest challenge of her life. Desires of a Deceiver came about as a result of watching how jealousy can destroy a person and injure anyone in its path. This is, of course, a work of fiction, with a very real underlying message. Alana is a very young woman, unblessed in physical attributes. When her cousin, Iliamna, comes to live [...]

Only One
(Romantic Thriller. Additional Note: This book was written for pre-teens/teens/young adults and contains no sexual content).) In her darkest hour, only one can save her. Nefarious businessmen have determined that they want what isn't theirs, and they will resort to whatever measures are needed to obtain it. Lara Esterhaus is unyielding in her stance not to let them take what belongs to her, but [...]

Whispers of the Heart
(Romantic Intrigue: Young Adult/Adult) Enjoy your romance with a touch of intrigue. Tragedy shook their worlds, but they found a new beginning in each other's arms. Dalian Rivers and Kathryn McMurray thought love would never find them again, until providence lent a hand. Now, the two of them face further adversity that will test their new-found relationship. Will Dalian's love be enough to [...]

Dreamer of Destiny
This was the first book I ever wrote and my favorite, by far, because it sprang from personal trials. I started Dreamer of Destiny at the age of twenty-two, during a particularly thorny period in my life; as an outlet in which to express how difficulties are not the end, but may be overcome and used to forge a road to a new beginning. The story itself tells of a young girl who develops a gift at [...]

Edge of Insanity
(Paranormal Thriller: Young Adult) The victims of Monterey Cliffs Sanatorium are dying to be set free. It's 1924, and Maria Bartonelli haplessly bears witness to a murderous assault on her mother, which results in her forced internment at Monterey Cliffs Sanatorium. Decades later, the victims within that establishment decide to stir up more than a little mischief in their bid to be free.

Fate's Intervention
(Romantic Comedy: Young Adult/Adult) Tired of the endless parade of cadavers presented by her father as potential mates, Marcelle becomes disillusioned with love and marriage. With her prospects diminishing, and her determination increasing to remain unwed -- can fate intervene?

Love Through Time
(Time Travel Romance: Adult) Savannah Warren and Tyeshia Morgan are the best of friends, but can that friendship withstand the test of time? Tyeshia is a statuesque black beauty with a romantic heart who captures the attention of a 200-year-old ghost bent on mischief. Savannah is responsible for opening the door that brings that mischievous specter into their life, and now she must find a way to [...]

(Juvenile Adventure) Have you ever wondered where your pets go when you let them out to play? Step inside the pages of this book to discover the answer -- with your host, Felicia Feline. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barbara Woster is a writer, editor, and educator whose love of children inspires her writing. Freepetopia is her first book targeted to children (ages 7 to 12). She lives in Portland with her [...]

A Isn't Just for Apple
Dear Parents -- As we are all aware, children learn from repetition. Teach, repeat, teach, repeat . . . until, ultimately, the action or knowledge becomes ingrained; a habit. This is why alliteration is an extraordinary learning tool; however, books generally target one letter sound at a time or one example. Today's learners are mentally sharp, thus should be introduced to multiple examples and [...]

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