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HD TV: Samsung TXN3071WHF 30 16:9 DynaFlat Digital HD-Ready TV

Hd TV Review: Samsung TXN3071WHF 30" 16:9 DynaFlat Digital HD-Ready TV

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Manufacturer: Samsung

 Light Touch Front Panel Problems

I had this TV for over 3 years. When we bought the TV, the warranty was only for 30 days. Exactly on the 29th day, the TV developed a weird problem. The channels will roll by itself. The TV powers off and on by itself. It is as if a ghost was sitting with us watching the TV and starts changing everything using the remote that was in my hand.

Took me a couple of days to contact the local authorized dealer and get the in house service to change the crappy light touch front panel. Remember that I weigh 150 lbs where as this TV weighs a million pounds. So, me taking the TV to Best Buy was out of question. After exactly an year, the problem repeated again. It cost me around $175 to get another light touch front panel installed on this TV.

Now after exactly another year, I have similar problem with the TV turning on and off by itself. I unplugged it for over a week. When I plugged it back again, the power comes on (the red power light turns on), with no picture and no sound. When I click the power button on the remote, the TV shuts itself off, then powers itself back again, without any sound or picture. I have no idea what is wrong this time. Any one facing/faced same issues? If so, how did you fix it, if at all?

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