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Book: Worm by Steve Foreman

Book: Worm by Steve Foreman

categories: Book, Fantasy, Quest, Fantasy Adventure, Wizards, Warriors, Trolls, Evil, Witch, Monsters, Necromancy, Sword and Sorcery

Steven Foreman

Author Steven Foremanabout this book: "Worm" is a 'sword & sorcery' quest tale set in the land of Eria, which has a cultural and geographical setting reminiscent of the Saxon/Viking occupations of England.

Worm is a young man who is branded as a weakling and cast out from his village by the Chieftain. Through a series of what appears at first to be unrelated tragic and tumultuous events, Worm is chosen by Grimbald the Enchanter to set out on a perilous quest to recover the lost Chalice of Caladain. The Chalice is a national treasure, magical and powerful, and is desperately required by Grimbald to restore the Kingdom to its former peaceful glory.

I chose the name of the protagonist "Worm" as the title of the book as I felt it might be intriguing enough to make potential readers take a closer look… rather than "Quest for the Chalice" or something more obvious or clichéd.

Rather than having a heroic warrior as the person who sets out on the quest, I chose Worm because it would make the long and terrible journey less easy and therefore require more assistance from his often unexpected allies. Grimbald chooses Worm for reasons of anonymity and stealth.

The tale is filled with memorable deeds of bravery, selfless determination, courage and unassailable love, set against a background of war, sorcery, betrayal, bloody conflict and great tragedy. The story is populated by a huge cast of diverse characters, including heroic warriors, fantastic creatures, ghosts and spectres, evil beings, huge monsters, and unexpected and comical allies. It is complex and multi-layered, full of crossroads and unexpected meetings or events that fortuitously bring together or tragically separate companions and allies. There are several 'strands' to the story that run parallel within the same time frame.


Whilst striving to avoid "spoilers", the main characters and their roles are:

• Murgol: an evil and treacherous Enchantress who, 300 years earlier, stole the sacred Chalice of Caladain from the King of Eria, to use for her own evil purposes.

• The Rock Ogre: a troll-like creature who loves treasure and shiny artefacts. In a treasure raid on Murgol's castle in Vulcanstark, he inadvertently steals from Murgol the Chalice of Caladain before she can use its power for her own evil purposes.

• Tallan: the Chieftain of Tarnvig, who, following a treasure raid on Tarnvig, sets out with his great warband for Vulcanstark to seek revenge on the Rock Ogre.

• Worm: a teenage weakling from Tarnvig, who is cast out by Tallan for supposed cowardice during the Rock Ogre's raid.

• Ash: daughter of Tallan, who despite her high status is mutually and insepereably in love with the weakling Worm.

• Grimbald: an Enchanter, whose sole purpose in life has been the recovery of the lost Chalice of Caladain, and the restoration of the Kingdom and the King.

• Thorlam: the Blacksmith of Tarnvig and father of Worm.

• Silverbrow: a Sylvanian Warrior, dispatched by King Haldain to aid Worm's quest.

• Halfdone: a dwarf and the leader of a troupe of comic entertainers made up of dwarfs, hunchbacks, trowes, and other physically challenged outcasts.

• Howedigger: a trowe, who more than once comes to Worm's and Grimbald's aid.


A selection of the fantasy creatures that appear in the tale are:

• Worgs: slave creatures, half man, half wild boar, cross-bred by Murgol and used as commanders of here army of Scarbs.

• Scarbs: man-sized, weapon-wielding insects, used as soldiers in Murgol's army.

• Kralobane: a huge flying serpent enslaved and imprisoned by Murgol in her castle.

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