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Book: Fury to the Stars (Universe in Flames Book 2) by Christian Kallias

Book: Fury to the Stars (Universe in Flames Book 2) by Christian Kallias

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Aliens, Alien Invasion, Space Battles, Fantasy, Dystopian, Galactic Empires, Revenge, Super Powers, Young Adult, Romance, Space Opera

Christian Kallias

Author Christian Kalliasabout this book: Fury to the Stars is the second book of the Universe in Flames saga that started with Earth - Last Sanctuary.

I think the first book managed to lay the foundation for the story to take flight. In this second book I explore things I've only hinted in the first book (Chase's powers and developing the Olympian mythos). It is a more complex book, with more focus on human emotions than its predecessor.

It took 4 months to write and already I'm halfway through the next book. I simply can't stop writing this story, which started years ago truth be told. Even before I started writing the first book in the series. The ideas and concepts I worked on for a video game project in the 90's as well as a manga I started in 2002 all lead me to writing the Universe in Flames saga. Things evolved and changed along the way, but I've been thinking about this story for nearly two decades now.

I've been inspired by many classics: Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, Aliens, Predators, but also Dragonball Z, Saint Seiya and many more.

Like with Earth Last Sanctuary, I also made the artwork for this book and I really enjoy doing them myself now, even though it's time spent away from writing.

I really hope my stories help my readers take their brains off their everyday worries and transport them into a fun new universe, even though I'll bring them back to Earth here and there to discuss parts of what I think we need to work on in our society. I also like to discuss morale choices and their consequences.

You can expect a ton and a half of action in this book. Be it space battles, dogfight or one on one brawls with powerful fantasy infused fights.

With Fury to the Stars I've learned to improve my skills as a writer by adding webbing to my stories, something that was mostly absent in the first book. Not intentionally, but simply the way the book was set, which is a more linear storytelling. Fury to the Stars shakes things up nicely and I hope you'll like reading it as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you'll check out my books (don't hesitate to read a sample first) and I hope I manage to entertain you. I give my email in my books, and I always welcome fan interaction, in fact I love hearing from my readers directly. So don't hesitate to write me if you feel like it. I'd love to hear about you.

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