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Book: Mimi's Book Launch Plan - How to launch your ebook easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do overview by Mimi Emmanuel

Book: Mimi's Book Launch Plan - How to launch your ebook easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do overview by Mimi Emmanuel

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Mimi Emmanuel

about this book: Mimi's Book Launch Plan; How-to launch your e-book easy-peasy was written as a THANK YOU! to my Launch team members. The book shows you everything I did when I launched my book. It details how My Story of Survival received #1 ranking more than 9 categories such as Digestive Organs, Medical Books Reference, Food Allergies, Viral, Chronic Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and three bestselling banners under Healthy Diets, Christian Self-help and Spiritual Growth.

I promised my team members to share everything I did and it became 159 pages long!

This book is a very handy guide for self-publishers and Indie authors because it takes you through the launch phase step by step as in looking over my shoulder how to launch a bestseller.

It probably took around 4 to 5 months all up. I was writing throughout the process of the launch and making diary notes, sharing fun tips and useful tips and including a to-do-overview and my promo sheet. And then it took a couple of months to make it look spiffy.

I wanted to include as much as possible in the title so that people can 'judge the book by its cover,' haha. My daughter helped me with the cover after researching what colours and fonts and styles are used in similar books on Amazon and after this we had buddies and classmates vote on the most popular versions that she made.

Stopping writing the book was the hardest part. I could still be writing today and add more and more. There are so many fun facts to know about book publishing and it is such a joy and pleasure to be able to help fellow authors that I could just keep on writing this book forever.

Each and every line of the book came about due to doing research and/or because of me following the course from Self Publishing School. I LOVE these guys by the way! If it was not for them, this book would never have been written.

I learned how to publish an ebook successfully. My first book ranked #1 in more than 9 categories with a bestselling banner in three. And Mimi's Book Launch Plan received two Bestselling banners already; One in Education Workbooks and the other in Education Reference.

In addition the book ranked #1 in Business School Guides, Entrepreneurship, sales and selling, Graduate School and the top search result for Business and Money Women and Business.

If you want to look over my shoulder and see how I published my bestsellers, get yourself a copy of Mimi's Book Launch Plan; How-to launch your e-book easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do-overview.

This step-by step guide will serve you well when you're publishing your own book.

This Plan just removed all your excuses; go for it!

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