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Book: The Anunnaki / Illuminati Nemesis by Joan Adamak

Book: The Anunnaki / Illuminati Nemesis by Joan Adamak

categories: Book, Illuminati, Anunnaki, Extra Terrestrials, Atlantis, Lemuria, DNA Manipulation, Humans, Hebrus, Garden of Eden, Cartel, Science Fiction

Joan Adamak

Author Joan Adamakabout this book: Jo is on a crusade to discover whether there is any connection between the fabled Anunnaki of Niburu and the now infamous Illuminati on earth. She has just watched a TV Host produce a video that he secretly filmed of world famous men holding a four day celebration at the Bohemian Grove in northern California. Jo believes that the Illuminati is a cartel composed of the most powerful men and women on Earth who run all affairs on Earth and keep the rest of us enslaved in their power structures.

By using her ability to astral travel, she goes back through the time lines to the beginning of Earth and then to the planet of the Ancient of Days as told in "The Book of Enoch." Then she astral travels to the planet Nibiru and visits the Anunnaki Royals. Eventually she joins Captain Yahweh of the Anunnaki space ships to travel to the new planet of Earth and set up the Garden of Eden for Anunnaki Emperor An, and have the biologist and anthropologist search Earth for its minerals, flora, fauna, animals, anything that the Anunnaki can use for themselves. Especially they seek gold because Nibiru is lacking in oxygen and they can transmute gold into oxygen. Because Anunnaki laborers are refusing to work under such terrible conditions, especially in the gold mines of Africa, Prince Enki, Princess Nin and Prince Enlil are sent to Earth to take care of the problem. Enki and Nin are able to make slaves by manipulating their DNA with animals of Earth. Enki and Nin consider they are they parents of these slaves and call them humans and the main tribe that Enki is interested in are the Hebrus. Jo traces the Anunnaki down through the time lines of Lemuria, Atlantis, early Egypt, Hathor, Enoch, Noah, Abram, David, Solomon, Esther, Cleopatra, Arthur, and the Illuminati of today.

There are good ETs and bad ETs and the Anunnakis Enlil, Enki and Nin thread their lives from the beginning time lines down into the present day. The author has taken fact and twisted it elaborately with fiction, giving Earth an entirely different history.

I wrote this book because I actually did hear a TV host present a video that he secretly filmed of at least 200 famous men globally who met at the Bohemian Grove in northern California and stirred up my imagination for this story. I have taken fact and twisted it with much fantastic fiction. It has taken me almost two years to write this story and I have three excellent reviews on it.

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