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Book: Contact Us - A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller by Al Macy

Book Review: Contact Us - A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller by Al Macy

categories: Book, Aliens, Thriller, Science Fiction

Author: Al Macy

 Fun. light-hearted science fiction, for a change

After so many apocalypse + post-apocalypse +dystopian tales of poor ol' planet earth, it's delightful to find, at last, a tale of earthlings who weather an apocalypse, get organized, refuse to surrender to the alien invader, and -- do I get to include a spoiler if it's the #1 reason I read the book? People win! YAY!!! It's about time!

I hated King's The Stand for its lame, lame ending: "Will people ever learn?" Sigh. "I don't know. (Sigh again.) "I just don't know." (Okay, maybe not verbatim, but close.)

This novel is laugh-out-loud funny (very nearly as clever as Douglas Adams) and filled with vivid, likable characters. The Smart-Aleck twins may be my favorites, but Grandma pulling up a lawn chair for the incoming UFO (rather than running for cover) is a classic. (I love the trope of the competent old lady as long as she isn't profane and vulgar. This one rocks the trope.)

There is, however, a certain trope of comedy that I find so annoying and off-putting, I always want to knock off a star for it: the trope of suddenly finding oneself running around naked in public, and worse, ending up in the lap of some large, manly woman. Worse yet, add boob jokes. It's insufferable. However, most of the world seems to laugh at stuff that makes me wince or roll my eyes, while I crack up at stuff nobody else finds amusing, so I can overlook that one trope in an otherwise fresh and appealing tale of how America triumphs after an Apocalyptic Alien Invasion.

Great novel, and my full review will appear in Perihelion Science Fiction ezine, live the 12th of every month, and if Sam says yes, the review will show up in the May issue. [by Carol Kean]

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