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Book: Kissing Carmen by Stephen Colwell

Book: Kissing Carmen by Stephen Colwell

categories: Book, Immediate Love, Spiritual Love, Karmic Love, Kissing, Lust, Sex, Romance

Stephen Colwell

Author Stephen Colwellabout this book: Kissing Carmen is my first romance novel and I was a little intimidated being a male in a female-dominated writing genre!

The story is set in Madrid, Spain. Carmen, the Spanish heroine, is married but divorcing an abusive husband. She meets Rick, an American ex-pat working in Paris. Over a twenty-four hour period, the couple experience a whirlwind affair where the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of their relationship cause both of them to wonder how they can ever have a future with each other.

Carmen is mistress to Paul, a London businessman, who's married but sees her only once or twice a month when he visits Madrid on business. Paul tells Carmen he's divorcing his wife for her, but although they love each other, she harbors doubts regarding his intentions and fears their relationship is becoming sterile and exhibiting signs of decay. On the other hand, Rick is new and exhilarates Carmen in a way that Paul cannot. Rick offers to take her to Paris for the weekend so they can get to know each other better.

Carmen's fear is that she is just an amusement for Rick, one of many girls he sees, and that after Paris, she'll be discarded. The story builds to a climax where Carmen must make a choice to continue her life with Paul, or accompany Rick to Paris in the hope their short-term fling will blossom into long-term love.

Kissing Carmen is all about love at first sight. I believe you can tell pretty quickly whether or not any serious chemistry exists between you and someone you just meet. If the chemistry is there, nothing else matters. There can be differences in race, profession, age, hobbies and interests, but when your souls have a connection, it's a good idea to let the love blossom in whatever form it chooses. Many people don't always follow their hearts when it comes to love and chemistry; I think it's sad when love presents an opportunity and people walk away from it.

I love William Gibson sci-fi novels. In my first novel, The Ivory Monkeys, I tried to pattern my writing after Gibson. Of course, my own style came out on its own and that's exactly what should happen. I intended Kissing Carmen to be written in the style of Yasunari Kawabata, the Nobel-prize winning author from Japan. Short, with lots of "internal" conversations and hidden thoughts of the main characters. I've received a few nice reviews and one not-so-nice review. Here a few quotes:

• "Kissing Carmen is unlike any romance novel I've ever read. It veers away from the prescribed "Do's & Don'ts," regarding style and content and that makes for an interesting diversion from the expected...This narrative is full of poetic imagery and Stephen Colwell's love of expressive language is evident in the detailed descriptions he uses to set each scene...As a work of erotic fiction, the story is stunning."

• "Kissing Carmen is a scorching romance with a beautifully crafted atmosphere. Stephen Colwell's scene setting is poetic and masterful. From the first page the reader is actually there, on a steamy, rainy night in Madrid."

Although Kissing Carmen is a work of fiction, the story is factual and the events actually occured for me one night in Spain a few years ago. I met "Carmen" ...not her real name of course... and we kissed each other a hundred different ways in the first 24 hours of our time together. That's what inspired me to write the novel and I've been searching ever since for someone to kiss me as Carmen.

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