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Book: THE SEASONS OF OUR LIVES - How They Alternate From Good to Bad Ones and Vice Versa by George Pan Kouloukis

Book: THE SEASONS OF OUR LIVES - How They Alternate From Good to Bad Ones and Vice Versa by George Pan Kouloukis

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George Pan Kouloukis

Author George Pan Kouloukisabout this book: Another title of this book could as well be FORESEE YOUR FUTURE. Indeed, as soon as they complete reading this book, the readers will learn how their lives’ seasons will alternate in the future – from good to bad ones and vice versa – and how long each season will last. They can act so accordingly.

The book is a manual for living, irrespective of readers' age, young or old. After finishing the book, the readers will be able to make crucial decisions regarding their career, marriage, family, relationships, and all other life's issues. If they see that a storm arrives on the horizon, they will get shelter in time, or if sunny days loom ahead, they will take advantage before the opportunity passes.

What inspired me to write this book? Like most of us, I had too observed in my life that distinct alternations of seasons from good to bad ones and vice versa had occurred. I wondered however, whether these alternations happened according to a specific pattern – and so we could foresee how long each season would last – or irregularly, without any pattern. To find out, I decided to see what happened in the lives of other people. For this purpose, I examined lots of biographies, and many of these I have included in the book. I mention only a few: the biographies of Beethoven, Napoleon, Columbus, Picasso, the Dalai Lama, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, and many others.

This work took me more than ten years for research. But the results derived from all biographies were amazing: all confirmed that the cycles of good and bad seasons in the lives of these people always occurred according to a certain pattern, as in my own life. That means therefore, that we can foresee how our own seasons will alternate in the future from good to bad and vice versa. This ability radically transforms of course, the way we all live today.

What was the hardest part of writing my book? I had to convince the readers that the discovery I came up was indeed true. So, I had to cite in the book lots of biographies confirming the truth, but at the same time I had to divide these biographies in good and bad seasons. So, the writing of the book took me more than two years.

Initially, I offered the book free on line, so that as many readers as possible could benefit from my discovery. Soon, the book had more than 60,000 downloads, according to Google. At that point, an Australian publisher saw the book free on line, and he sent me an email saying what a fascinating book I have written, he wanted to publish it. So, the book came out in print format.

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