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Book: Becca's Paranormal Collection by Rebecca J. Vickery

Book: Becca's Paranormal Collection by Rebecca J. Vickery

categories: Book, Short Story Collection, Paranormal Romance, Speculative Fiction, Flash Fiction, Paranormal

Rebecca J. Vickery

about this book: If you enjoy collections with variety, this book contains paranormal romance, speculative fiction, and flash fiction stories.

Titles included are:

• "A Haunting Love" ~ (Paranormal Romance) Trudy agrees to house-sit a huge, old, Victorian mansion during Halloween week. Odd events lead her to meet a certain, handsome police officer named Simon. The attraction is mutual and undeniable. Maybe the scare was worth the chance to go out with this guy.

• "Raising the Lost" ~ (Speculative Fiction) A burning need to see his homeland restored to its former glory leads Aluride to make an irreversible decision and draws Thera into his plan. Struggling to overcome their need for hosts, equipment, supplies, labor, and even their own unaccustomed desires they forge ahead. Will it finally be possible to raise the continent of Atlantis?

• "Dad's Favorite Holiday" ~ (Romantic Speculative Fiction) An angry almost fiancée, a discarded lover, a politician with a jilted daughter, and a disappointed father – Gregory is not looking forward to facing them at his father's Halloween gala. With a definite eye for the ladies, Gregory has no idea just how special this night will be – or how deadly.

• "Night of the Blue Moon" ~ (Speculative Fiction) This night is to be magical. Carissa has fulfilled her most important duty ever to the coven and looks forward to the ceremony to take place as All Hallow's Eve waxes into Samhain. But events go horribly wrong. What has been loosed upon the world? What price will Carissa pay for being a participant?

• "The Rescue" ~ (Speculative Fiction) Ordered to fly low-level scans for trilidium on an uninhabited rock of a planetoid known only as X37, Teelak and Adria yearn for more exciting missions. Then they survive a crash landing only to learn the rock isn't as empty as they think. Just what is out there? Will they be rescued?

• "Releasing the Beast" ~ (Flash Fiction) How can a man escape a beast created and released by his own careless actions?

• "Cappuccino and Christmas Snow" ~ (Flash Fiction) What is our world coming to? A lady of advanced age enjoying her warm drink suspects, but no one believes her.

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