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Book: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun - A Story of Love, Survival and Joy by Ronny Herman de Jong

Book: Rising from the Shadow of the Sun - A Story of Love, Survival and Joy by Ronny Herman de Jong

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Ronny Herman de Jong

Author Ronny Herman de Jongabout this book: In 1942, when Europe suffered under German oppression and the Holocaust, people on the other side of the world were raped and massacred by the Japanese army on its way to get the monopoly in Southeast Asia: the Asian Holocaust. The Japanese separated families and put them in concentration camps where they suffered starvation, disease and brutal treatment for more than three years.

This book, partially based on the secret camp journal of the author's mother, is an eye-witness account of one such family's struggle for survival and the subsequent emerging of one little girl, the author, to follow her dreams and become a United States Citizen in a free country; hence the title of this book: "Rising from the Shadow of the Sun: A Story of Love, Survival and Joy".

The solidarity and ingenuity of the women, their dedication to survive, their courage and hope in the face of unbelievable odds, while the number of deaths in the camps increased as the war raged on makes for an inspiring story, which appeals especially to women and history buffs.

The author wrote her memoir "Rising from the Shadow of the Sun" after researching the in the year 2000 declassified Japanese War Crimes Files, part of the NARA Files, which revealed the orders of the Japanese army to exterminate all prisoners in all camps without leaving a trace, commencing in September 1945. The atomic bombs dropped in August ended the war just in time.

Review Quotes:

• "This is an epic hero's journey – one that everyone should read, both for the history and for the model of how we can walk through anything and remain upbeat. In the midst of the darkest evil, these people found a way to hang on to courage, love, and maintained helping attitudes towards each other." (C.H.)

• "The strong point of this book is that it describes how love, sacrifices and mutual support can overcome traumatic and dismal circumstances in life and lead to triumph. It is this point in particular that makes the reading of the book unforgettable." (W.U.)

• "The particular value of this story is its focus on "ordinary" people and how big decisions made by politicians and military leaders had enormous consequences for women and children. This book is a must for anyone interested in the Pacific campaign of World War II." (W.R.)

• "All told, this is an important work which provides significant stories about the victims of a lesser-known part of World War II in Southeast Asia. As with "The Diary of Anne Frank" and Elie Wiesel's "Night", we marvel at the author's mother's courage and strength in caring for her daughters throughout this catastrophic period. We experience her husband's enduring love, and after the horror has passed, their daughter Ronny's affirmation of life. "Rising from the Shadow of the Sun" is an important account of courage and hope." (N.O.N)

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