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Book: Mental Illness By Numbers - The Mystery of Mental Illness Uncovered by Kirsi Sahlberg

Book: Mental Illness By Numbers - The Mystery of Mental Illness Uncovered by Kirsi Sahlberg

categories: Book, Mental Health, Mental Illness, ADHD, OCD, ADD, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Addiction, Anorexia, Bulimia, Schizophrenia, Numerology

Kirsi Sahlberg

Author Kirsi Sahlbergabout this book: Who would've thought that numerology and numbers can be so interesting and revealing?

Numbers are so much more than just numbers.

A number is an energy. A different number combination is an energy. Different numbers represent different qualities: the number energy is either cold, warm, closed, open, irrational, rational, unbalanced or balanced.

The author of this book, a Finnish numerologist Kirsi Sahlberg established those different categories to clarify the differences between different number energies and to demonstrate how those different types of energies affect our feelings and behaviour.

Our personal numbers and the different energies they represent are the ones affecting us on a personal level. Those numbers define our feelings and behaviour patterns.

If the number is unbalanced and irrational, we are unbalanced and irrational. If the number is balanced and rational, we are balanced and rational. The quality of a number is a quality in our personality.

Mental "disorders" and personality problems are the result of our unbalanced personal numbers;

The excessive quantity of cold numbers makes us emotionally cold, as well as the excessive quantity of closed numbers makes our personality silent and closed. Open numbers make our personality open and receptive, but if there are too many open numbers in our personal numbers, we become hyper and mentally unstable.

We have good mental health when we have many different number qualities in good balance with each other. If the same number repeats itself too many times in our personal numbers, it amplifies the energies of that particular number and therefore, amplifies the feelings and behaviour patterns that particular number creates.

Mental illness has been a mystery for a long time, because the energy, which creates our feelings and behaviour patterns, is invisible. It becomes visible when we use numerology and find out our personal numbers, the energies they represent and the feelings and the behaviour patterns they create.

Mental Illness By Numbers contains chapters about ADHD, ADD, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Aggression, Autism, Anorexia, Bulimia, Bipolar Disorder, OCD and Schizophrenia. In each chapter Kirsi demonstrates how and why these mental "illnesses" and behavioural problems occur in people.

It also contains descriptions about the energies different numbers represent and how those energies affect our feelings and behaviour.

Mental Illness By Numbers clarifies and uncovers the real reasons behind mental health problems and guides you, the reader of the book, how to calculate your own personal numbers and at the same time, learn about your personality and discover the numbers behind the possible mental health or personality problems.

Kirsi Sahlberg describes herself as an independent thinker with a curious mind. She uses different, non-traditional method with number calculations. The very same method led her to her discoveries about the real reasons behind mental "illnesses" and personality problems.

Mental Illness By Numbers is a summary of the information she discovered through her personal studies about mental health problems, numerology and the connection between them.

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