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Book: Murder on the Andaman Sea by Charlie Flynn

Book: Murder on the Andaman Sea by Charlie Flynn

categories: Book, Non-Fiction, Mystery, Corruption, Conspiracy, Extortion, FBI Agents, Special Agent Coleman, Justice Department, Spies, Russian, Headlines, Murder

Charlie Flynn

Author Charlie Flynnabout this book: While running down the pier of Phuket Marina on March 29th, 2006, Charlie Flynn was unsure what was beating louder his heart pounding out of his chest or the feet of the Australian assassin gaining ground on him. The Taser still stinging and burning in the middle of his back where the Russian, former KGB agent, Alexander (Sasha) Gorbachev had pressed it, five minutes earlier. Egor Chernov, the captain of this cell of the Bratva, sat on the sailboat waiting anxiously to be notified of the recapture of his latest victim. This gang which was commanded by Chernov would stun the American State and Justice Departments as Chernov had spent ten years infiltrating America and did so with the support of two FBI Agents providing him secret intelligence files. In the years that followed, FBI Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman, from the Wolf of Wall Street fame, would claim this was the largest case of his career. His affidavit filed with the Federal Court in Salt Lake City, Utah outlined the corruption reaching up to the highest levels.

One of the most valuable spies captured by the United States in the two decades since the end of the Cold War, Egor Chernov would be imprisoned in America. While Charlie Flynn investigated, subjected to constant death threats, it was reported to him by the American Embassy in Thailand, he was dealing with one of the most dangerous gangs of the Russian Mafia or as they call it, 'Bratva' out of Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand. The American agent informed Flynn that one of his associates, Rex Judd, had been murdered and buried in the azure waters of the Andaman Sea.

In 2010, incarcerated for supplying false passports and waiting for an indictment for conspiracy to murder from one of the longest serving grand juries in Utah history, Egor Chernov applied for a Presidential pardon. He had performed a great service for America according to his application. In December, 2010, Anna Chapman and nine of her cohorts were arrested in the eastern United States, they were lured by false passports, exactly the kind supplied by Egor Chernov.

The chief cooperating witness against Chernov, Paul Combs was jailed on trumped up charges of extortion against Chernov, the very spy he had helped identify and capture. Upon Combs' release from prison in 2010, Special Agent Coleman told the victims, that the case would now proceed against Chernov. On June 7th, 2010, Coleman spoke to one of the victims, Charlie Flynn, he reported the case was proceeding quickly now. Two hours later, a reporter from Canada, broke the story, that Paul Combs was dead. At first Coleman denied the fact or in the least claimed not to have been informed. Cleary a disingenuous claim from the chief investigator. Coleman confirmed three hours later that Paul Combs was dead by a gunshot wound to the head, within twenty-four hours it would be ruled suicide.

Chernov had provided more information than any spy in history, Coleman reported to Flynn that if the Kremlin knew the information he had been provided, his life would be under threat. Yet in June, 2011, the American Justice Department allowed Egor Chernov to walk free.

Retired FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman now makes his living granting interviews or paid speaking engagements talking about the victims of the Wolf of Wall Street, strangely he will not grant an interview or speak a word about the true financial crimes of extortion and fraud by Egor Chernov, resulting in the murder of at least one American, Rex Judd. Thrilling, unpredictable, and at times with unendurable suspense, Murder on the Andaman Sea is an in-depth feat of investigating and reporting by Charlie Flynn. It resulted in changing the dynamics of the relationship between two super powers, the only difference is, unlike the rich kid from the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, Egor Chernov walked free.

They prevented Dateline NBC from airing the story of mystery and intrigue. Special Agent Coleman reported Chernov had connections up to the highest levels in the Kremlin. No major American news network reported the story behind Egor Chernov, one of America's most diabolical spies who has ever infiltrated America.

Buddha says, "Three things cannot be long hidden; the moon, the sun and the truth."

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