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Book: Infinite Realities by Joan Adamak

Book: Infinite Realities by Joan Adamak

categories: Book, New Age, Energy, Consciousness, Spirituality, Souls, Soul Families, Soul Mates, Reincarnation, Karma, Metaphysics

Joan Adamak

Author Joan Adamakabout this book: Information relative to the evolution of Earth, our universe, its planets and humans has been filtering in, and now is increasingly bursting forth from individual groups with advanced information, which groups, I feel confident, are at least 75% correct in their ability to receive channeled information. It is from new researching on my part of these groups and my own intuition that I have compiled this information, like the center of a network distributing new Transitional Energy information. We are all explorers, each in our own way, seeking Eden, Shamballah, Mecca, whatever the nameā€¦states of consciousness and gateways to Knowledge, Wisdom, and Unconditional Love, our essence. There is no absolute Truth; there are many Truths, and many pathways in our quests, and it is within each of us to chart our own course in whatever direction we are drawn.

This radical and thought-provoking book introduces to the neophyte various aspects of metaphysics, encouraging each seeker to make choices. Free will is the greatest gift we on Earth are given, and we may make our explorations intriguing and even thrilling with the unlimited possibilities that we are offered, OR we remain dead in the water, immersed in limitations, restrictions, and taboos.

Whether you agree with the concepts set forth in this book is not as important as perhaps these concepts will stimulate you to seek your own Truths.

I have been studying and practicing metaphysics since 1960 when the so-called "New Age" leaped into view. However, it was not a new age but simply old concepts presented in a more modern way for more modern thinking men and women.

Five years ago I realized that in the last ten years alone, extremely valuable new concepts were being tossed in our view for consideration and so I took older metaphysical writings I had and encompassed them into a new book for today. By the time this book has been published for three years, there will be new concepts again and this highly advertised date of 12-21-2012, which many claim are for a leap in consciousness, it will be time for an addendum to this book.

This is not a metaphysical book for neophytes for it would be too hard to understand, but for those who have delved into this line of thought more deeply, I hope I have given you some new ideas for contemplation and perhaps even practice.

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