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Book: The Odyssey (The Java Gold Book 1) by Robert A. Kingsley

Book: The Odyssey (The Java Gold Book 1) by Robert A. Kingsley

star rating  4 stars, 1 review on Amazon
categories: Book, Adventure, Pacific War, WW2, Action, WW2 Aviation, Dutch East-Indies, Historical Fiction

Robert A. Kingsley

Author Robert A. Kingsleyabout this book: It is almost exactly 75 years ago when war broke out in the Pacific. While Pearl Harbor was bombed and Wake Island was lost, the Japanese forces stormed south through Malaya. After 55 days Singapore was lost and the battle for the Dutch East Indies began in earnest. Despite furious Allied resistance, Java, the administrative center, was soon encircled on all sides. The Dutch government shipped out all valuables to prevent them from falling into Japanese hands. Then, with the Japanese already at the gates, a left behind load of gold is discovered in a bank.

A damaged airliner is hurriedly repaired, a scratch crew is assembled with orders to fly the gold to safety in Australia.

But through a malignant twist of fate, the flight goes wrong. Their Australian destination is bombed and they have to detour. Technical problems with the airplane force the crew to unload and hide the cargo of gold in a remote spot. Several crew members are killed when they are attacked by a hostile population and the survivors barely manage to escape. When they reach friendly territory, they find they are posted AWOL and wanted for theft of an airplane and the cargo of gold.

The surviving crew members somehow struggle through the war, and after its end they are haunted by the knowledge of the hidden fortune. But the jinx is still there and they are haunted by misfortune, violence and death when they try to retrieve the "lost" gold.

Years of research into the history of South East Asia and especially the Dutch East Indies inspired me to write this book. I offer the readers a story that is woven into a solid background of historical facts and a glimpse into a period of history that is seldom used as the background for a novel. Conceived initially as a short and snappy "adventure story" it soon turned out that the subject was to interesting to be treated in such a cavalier manner. The book has action, and suspense, mingled with human drama and romance.

It took me several years to complete Book One and to decide it was going to be a multipart story. Thus, the original book title, "The Java Gold", became the title of the series and book one became "The Odyssey" as it describes the shattering of the crew and their slow way back. As I did my research and found out more and more, it became very hard to prevent the book from being swamped with facts, turing it into history textbook! I therefore started a blog that I use as an "overflow area" to publish all these other interesting things.

"The Odyssey" has had a number of five stars reviews, on Amazon and Goodreads. Vigilant Reader was one of them and highly recommends this book to readers looking for adventure stories and/or historical fiction situated in the mid 20th century. I am proud to say that "The Odyssey" reached the semi-finals (the top 10) of the 2016 Adventure Writers Competition.

So, readers, my book is there for you. To enjoy the tale, to be amazed at what happened in that remote corner of the world and to want to know more about it!

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