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Book: Blue Gold by Lindsay Townsend

Book: Blue Gold by Lindsay Townsend

categories: Book, Egypt, Ancient Egypt, Historical Fiction, Pyramids, Pharaoh, Magic, Hyksos, Epic Historical Romance

Lindsay Townsend

Author Lindsay Townsendabout this book: A little Egyptian magic - some words about 'Blue Gold'.

Set in ancient Egypt, 'Blue Gold' is a mainstream historical with romance in it but, because of the ancient world setting, it contains strong paranormal and magical elements. When I wrote it, I incorporated magic as part of the beliefs appropriate to the times.

Ancient Egyptians believed in magic, gods and spirits - magic especially was practised as a means to influence and change fate and to give power. So in 'Blue Gold' I have the ambitious, amoral princess Ahhotpe fashioning a model of a deadly rival out of wax and sticking pins in it.

This kind of sympathetic magic was practised throughout Egyptian society, by princes and peasants alike. Sometimes more formal magic was evoked, and this could be through ritual and symbolism, as in the Heb Sed rite described by Pharaoh's mother Tetisheri in 'Blue Gold'. The Heb Sed ritual was one where the Pharaoh ran on a special sacred track to restore his youth and reinvigorate the kingdom.

Sometimes magic was made through more formal rituals. Magic was an accepted part of religion and medicine. People wore 'lucky' charms and amulets. A mother would recite a spell to see off sickness in her child. The sign of the Ankh, the cross of life, was carved or painted on furniture and tombs as a magic protection.

In the ancient story, "King Khufu and the Magicians," a wizard makes a crocodile of wax. When this is thrown into the water, it becomes a real crocodile. Another wizard is summoned to the Pharaoh Snefru (Khufu's father) because Snefru is sad. As a diversion, the wizard suggests that Snefru goes boating on the Nile, rowed by beautiful women dressed in nets instead of clothes. As the maidens rowed, the text says, the Pharaoh's heart and spirits were gladdened by the sight. I imagine they were.

Best wishes, Lindsay Townsend.

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