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Book: Finding Home by Jackie Weger

Book: Finding Home by Jackie Weger

categories: Book, Humor, Family, Literary, Love Story, Contemporary Romance

Jackie Weger

Author Jackie Wegerabout this book: Phoebe Hawley's voice in Finding Home was one of my most difficult to write. As soon as Phoebe got on page she opened her mouth and seldom shut up. It is wonderful for a writer when a character grabs the spotlight like that. The book writes itself. But! Phoebe has a Southern backstory. She's from the hills in Northeastern Alabama-- Appalachian country--and those folks are a unique community unto themselves. They speak different, think straight, work hard and despise government interference. They don't like free stuff, knowing full well it comes with an inferred obligation.

Phoebe speaks diluted or corrupted Elizabethan English. It is the language of Chaucer and Shakespeare. The instant she opened her mouth that girl threw me a curveball. I had to stop writing and research how the heck her voice, thoughts and pride came into being. Once done, I had to be careful that she never stepped out of character in thought or deed, and still have her complete her quest to find her family a home.

I today's world, we do not think about whole families being homeless. In Alabama, as well as Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas and Texas, entire towns have been swept off the map by hurricanes and communities scattered. I considered using that scenario, but went instead with a cotton mill closing. It just fit Phoebe, because the Hawleys would never in a million years live in a FEMA trailer packed like sardines in those trailer camps. Thus, Phoebe's story has the flavor of an earlier, less hectic time.

Lastly, when I conceived the book, I did not want a spectacularly beautiful heroine. Ordinary looking men and women fall in love everyday. Love makes them beautiful. Gage Morgan is gorgeous, but not in a GQ way. Right away Phoebe notices his 'kissin' lips...but it is telling that she was more impressed with the calluses on his hands. In her world those calluses represent a hard-working, steady provider. When Phoebe sees G.G. Morgan's junkyard for the first time, it was all I could do to keep her from swooning.

I did not expect it, but Finding Home has become my most popular title. Over 78,000 thousand readers have downloaded the book to ereaders. And almost 250 of those kind readers have written lovely reviews. It is my humble hope, that you, too, will enjoy Phoebe's story.

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