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Book: Deep in the Heart by Staci Stallings

Book: Deep in the Heart by Staci Stallings

categories: Book, Christian Fiction, Faith, Romantic Fiction, Cowboy, Bible, Church, Religious Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance

Staci Stallings

Author Staci Stallingsabout this book: "Deep in the Heart" came from my heart and my experiences in helping people in many ways. Over the years I have talked with so many people who are lost and really hurting. They didn't mean to get there. They just... did. Somehow. And now they don't know how to get out of it, how to change, how to even believe there's something better. Most have lost track of themselves, and almost all have completely lost track of God.

Some deal with unforgiveness. With others it's a staggering need for the approval of others that never comes. Still others are under the influence of the destructive forces of alcoholism and worldly dalliances that only temporarily cover over a life that's rotting from the core.

That's what Keith Ayers is dealing with in "Deep in the Heart." Oh, his life looks so great on the outside. He's ruggedly handsome, rich beyond measure, and engaged to a Senator's daughter. What's there to be lost about?

But Keith is so empty on the inside, and he's struggling to understand why no one who says they care about him will listen to what HIS dreams are. They all have a plan for his life, and those plans are diametrically opposed to what Keith wants. So he's adrift in this hopeless sea of knowing he can't have what he wants and wanting what he can't have.

Enter Maggie Montgomery, a young lady who in a worldly sense is about as lost and desperate as they come. Hailing from the state foster system, she shows up at the Ayers' mansion intent on applying for the nanny position. However, her fall down the stairs into the arms of the guy she takes for the handyman sets the stage for her fall into love, which proves far more complicated than she would ever have envisioned.

Every new thing she learns about Keith tells her louder and clearer that she should not pursue a relationship with him--starting with the fact that he's engaged and ending with the fact that no one at the mansion thinks she will last longer than a week.

The amazing thing about this book to me is how it speaks to those places in the reader where they are lost and hurting. Maggie's quiet faith in the face of overwhelming adversity gives hope that faith matters and really can change things. Keith's journey from lost to finally stepping into being himself and not apologizing for that is inspiring.

In short, if you like stories about characters who are forced to grow and stretch and through God and with God become what they were designed to be as people, you will love "Deep in the Heart."

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