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Book: What Tail? by Roberta R. Barnes

Book: What Tail? by Roberta R. Barnes

categories: Book, Children's Fantasy, Imagination, Fiction, Insightful, Delightful, Fun, Accepting Others, Celebrating Your Differences, Tolerance, Children's Book

Roberta R. Barnes

Author Roberta R. Barnesabout this book: What Tail? is a children's book full of adventures that spur the imagination and show that being different from others can be fun.

One reader wrote, "I've just finished reading "What Tail?", it is insightful AND delightful." — Lorraine

A newspaper reporter who read What Tail? wrote, "Not only is this an excellent unique idea, but it has a strong-subtle moral lesson to teach kids to accept others who look or act different from them."-- Eric

Misty is a little girl who was tired of getting answers that made absolutely no sense. So one day she decided to find her own answer and followed her nose. Her nose lead her to a certain place on a certain day that resulted in things happening in the most unexpected way. After that day life in the Annan Woods was never the same.

You cannot judge a book by its cover and while an owl appears on the cover of What Tail?, it is not about an owl. On the other hand, or paw,the wise old Mr. Owl, who is the wisest of all wise owls has some very important things to say, He guides Ve to making friends and changing his name from the not good nickname his brothers and sisters called him to Ve.

The way in which Ve is unique, and the adventures in the magical Annan Woods can capture the interest of children of all ages, and even adults. The quotes I have are from adults who have read What Tail?. When you read the book you will understand why this book is called What Tail?.

With so many things to learn in this book, what shines out from all the unexpected adventures, which sometimes reveal secrets, is that it can be fun to be with those who look and act differently than us. Each of the eleven chapters is a new adventure in the Annan Woods as Ve learns the joy that comes from simply being Ve.

Another reader said, As one reader said -- "Very creative, with a wonderful message about acceptance and celebrating our differences. It kept me questioning about Ve throughout the entire book." -- Tom

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