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Book: Into the Mind of a Killer - A Diagnostic Battery of Charles Manson by Aubrey Durkin

Book: Into the Mind of a Killer - A Diagnostic Battery of Charles Manson by Aubrey Durkin

categories: Book, Murder, Helter Skelter, Diagnosis, Serial Killer, Forensic Psychology, Criminal, Crime, Mental Illness, Killing, Charles Manson

Aubrey Durkin

Author Aubrey Durkinabout this book: What makes a killer tick? Is it biology? Could it be traumatic childhood experiences or even upbringing? Maybe it's a combination of factors. People seek to understand why others commit terrible crimes such as murder, rape, and fraud. Why do these people so coldly enact their crimes against others? The study of forensic psychology has sought to answer these questions. The challenge in answering these questions is that each criminal is unique.

In this book I open the kimono into the factors that turned the infamous Charles Manson into a cult leader, thereby contributing to the deaths of nine people. His complicity in these killings, known as Helter Skelter, turned him into a household name and both thrilled and chilled people ever since.

Disclaimer: I am not yet a licensed psychologist. This is a book I wrote in the course of my studies towards my PhD and licensure. Please enjoy this book solely as my assessment and nothing more. Although this book is written from an academic standing and uses only scholarly resources, this book is for entertainment only.

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