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Book: School Daze - Autism Goes to School by Sharon A. Mitchell

Book: School Daze - Autism Goes to School by Sharon A. Mitchell

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categories: Book, Special Needs Teacher, Step Parent Romance, Behavior, Single Parent, Teaching Strategies, Visuals, Wandering Off, Temper Tantrum, Melt Down, Discipline Special Needs, Student IEP, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

Author Dr. Sharon A. Mitchellabout this book: Autism affects one in every 54 boys in America. Why should you care? If autism has not affected your family, it will affect your neighbor, friend or colleague. Every teacher will have a child with autism in his or her room; every coach will work with a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Parents and teachers are busy people with little spare time for extra reading. When they do have a minute to sit down, do they want to read a heavy textbook? Why does learning have to be work? Couldn't autism information be presented in an entertaining fashion?

So School Daze - Autism Goes to School was born, a light read that shows how a single dad learns to help his little boy with the help of a dedicated teacher. While it's full of strategies and suggestions, most of all it's a story about a father doing the best that he can with his son. Does he always get it right? Not by a long shot, but then, who does? But Ben and Kyle grow together and life becomes easier.

Here's how one reviewer describes the book: "Sharon Mitchell in her new romance School Daze not only gives us an interesting romantic tale about Ben and his adjustment to unexpectedly becoming the father of an autistic child, it also gives us a romance with the charming teacher (Mel) who knows so much about autism when Ben knows so little."

By the end of the story is everything rosy? Well, not quite. Although the lives of Ben and his son greatly improve and will continue to get better, autism does not go away. There is a happily-ever-after part to this tale, because after all, it is a romance.

I've been a teacher, counselor, psychologist and consultant for over thirty years. My Master's degree looked at the long-term outlook for kids with high functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome (a form of high functioning autism). The stats are dismal - less than 10% of these young people are able to live independently in adulthood, despite having intelligence in the average to above average range. What a shocking waste of talent and of lives.

This hit home especially hard since at that time our son with Asperger's was a young teen. We vowed that that would not be his fate. Luckily he has beat the odds - he drove at 16, lived on his own since age 19, finished two college programs and is nearing completion of his second four year degree at university.

For those of you who know a child with autism like my son, this is within reach. It is my passion to help kids with autism spectrum disorders become as independent as they can. But they need the help of their parents and educators. School Daze shows how one father and teacher work on this together.

Prior to this novel, I've co-authored the Amazon bestseller The Official Autism 101 Manual. My Ph.D. in Psychology Management looked at therapeutic approaches and ways to deliver autism information. I've given workshops and seminars to thousands of participants, including at national conferences.

School Daze - Autism Goes to School is the first in a series of books, each focusing on a different child and a different facet of autism. The second book deals with an issue that strikes terror in the heart of parents of kids with autism - the child who bolts or wanders away. School Daze - Autism Runs Away will be out in early winter, 2012.

Readers, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a suggestion for the focus of the third book? Thanks for your time.

Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell

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