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Book: 2020 by R.D. Power

Book: 2020 by R.D. Power

categories: Book, Humor, Adventure, Love, Romance, Comic Fiction, Erotic Romance, Economic Depression, Action Thriller

R.D. Power

Author R.D. Powerabout this book: I work as a consultant and have a lot of time off. During these times, I read and write, and a lot of what I've been reading about in the last while involves the economic mess the West has gotten itself into. This is particularly the case in the United States where the current public and private debt per family exceeds $750,000--and that excludes Medicare and social security, which are underfunded by over a million dollars per taxpayer. Many have concluded it can never be paid, which prompts the question, "What will happen?"

In 2020, the Western world has long since sunk into an economic depression that makes the Great Depression of the thirties look like the roaring twenties. Society hasn't completely fallen apart, but it's close. Almost half the work force is unemployed, governments have no money for anything beyond the bare necessities, and many people are homeless and starving. Soldiers and police have been laid off en masse, so gangs have taken over in many cities.

This forms the context for the story. A brilliant woman, Tessa Sharp, has invented a battery that just might be the key to escaping the economic doldrums and to freeing the world from its dependence on oil. But that's a big problem for too many entrenched interests. She quickly becomes a target for assassins. With the decimated police force unwilling or unable to help, she turns to an old friend.

Kevin Idle was a troubled teenager. He had some problems typical of the current breed--lazy, hooked on soft drugs, self-centered--but he was also brilliant. His problems overwhelmed his native talents as a teenager and he ended up at military school. That led him into the Navy. He qualified as a SEAL, but was later expelled for smoking weed.

Now unemployed, Kevin reluctantly takes on the role of Tessa's protector as she flees from assassins. He, too, has killers after him, so the story has them encountering one group after the other intent on killing them.

Escape seems almost hopeless. Can she survive long enough to develop her battery?

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